Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Buzzz Buzzzz Coffeee Buzzz Buzzz

Hi!!! Am I in a good mood today? So far so good! I had a great breakfast, chicken pie and coffee. And since I had my coffee already, I am in a good mood. Am I making sense? Don't worry, I am not making sense to myself either! All I know is, I am wide awake from the caffeine kick now but I know I will most likely need another dose just after lunch. Hence, going to cherish this great floaty wonderful feeling for awhile.

Anyway, I did thought of a question yesterday. A rather provoking one but somehow, I can't seem to remember it now! Anyway, I will just keep it for now. I am sure it will come back to me again and most likely when I do not have the time to go online or something like that. Oh well, I will end here then. Yar yar, short post. I don't want to crack my head and lost the buzzy effect from the caffeine I just drank! hahaha..mucks!


Nick Phillips said...

There is simply nothing better to start ones day with a cup of great smelling coffee and chicke pie :D

Jen's Place said...

hi nick,
yap!! But I am having oat+milo today though! Healthy for today! Hahaha