Thursday, August 7, 2008

Truth Pays?

Thursday *sigh happily*! It seems that I am living from day to day and counting down to weekend nowadays. Kinda sad if you think of it. I mean, what is the difference between weekdays and weekends? It is all in the head. I mean we still have to wake up everyday, eat, walk and sleep! The only difference is the timing. But I did have a very good night last night. Even babe was cheerful this morning. Reason? It rained while we were sleeping! Ain't that the most perfect thing?

Come to think of it, it actually seldom rain this since I move to my new place. But it always seems to be raining when I am in the office or just about to wake up to go off to work! If you ask me, I would tell you that nothing is more sad than that. Ahhh...I can imagine snuggling up in bed, under a nice fluffy blanket reading a good book and lying next to me, my big soft stuffed dog (what were you thinking?*wink*)

Anyway, there seems to be a lot of big hoo-hah about the newest program called the 'Lie Detector Test' where anyone can register and go to the studio and take the lie detector test. So basically, if you have some doubt about someone and want to find out the truth about the person, then it would be a good idea to register them for the program! However, be sure that you are ready for the truth because it might not be the truth that you are looking for.

Apparently, things got really hyped and hot yesterday when a wife asked the secretary about his husband so called work related activities. I am not sure what happened actually because although I have my MP4 with me in the office and told myself that I will turn it on to listen in, I simply forgotten about it. Can't help forgetting especially when I turn on my laptop and see the long list of emails in the inbox. You know the feeling that you can't wait to get started to attack the list of things to do for the day eventhough there is still a couple of hours before your official working hour?(Ok, I admit. I am abit of a workaholic!)

So, now here I am, in the office again early in the morning with my laptop and NEW 19 inch square flat screen monitor in front of me (yar I am showing off! haha), and the MP4 on to and waiting for the Lie Detector Test. Today, apparently, it will feature a husband and wife married for two years. I wonder what the wife going to ask the husband. I found out that usually it is the wife that wants to dig the truth out of the husband. Where has all the trust gone??

Well, actually, I did ask babe if we should register (evil grin). After all, the price gift is RM1000 just to tell the truth is just too good to be true right? So, why not right? But babe rejected right out. I even said we should set all the questions and just ask those. He said no. Even when I offer to that he asked me the questions instead. He still say no. I can see the RM1000 flying away! Of course, I just couldn't resist asking the question, "Why? You have something to hide?"

Poor babe. I think he really wish he was not driving the car with me at the passenger seat at that moment. But I was just teasing him about registering too actually. Not that I have something to hide but why in the world do we want to air our dirty linen in air? Also, I firmly believe that if the person do not tell you something, there must be so reason and logic behind it. So, might have wiser NOT to ask too much? Anyway, I don't know about you but I am not sure if I can handle that much of the total 100% truth!

But that does not mean that I am not interested to listen to other people's skeleton out from the closet though! LOL~!

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