Tuesday, August 5, 2008

After 1.5months, I am still HAUNTED!

The more I think of this, the more angry I am at the poor service that Streamyx/TMPoint is providing. Especially on one of the extra charges in bill indicating RM66 for lost of phoneset. In the first place, the phone set was not lost. When we move to the new apartment, we actually brought the old phone set with us because knowing them, we know they will charge if we don’t. And when the person came to install the phoneline, he didn’t leave a new set of phone with us. So, why in the world do we need to bring the original phone set and send it to TMPoint to request for a rebate. I mean, if I have an extra phone set, yes, I understand. But there isn’t any extra set.

I am going to record down here what has happened so far so that when I draft the letter, I can put down the sequence and write a clear, short, concise and sweet letter of complaint.

1. 30 Jun 2008, Monday
When to TMPoint Puchong. Completed the phoneline and streamyx relocation form. Was told that the new line and streamyx will be installed at the new location within 7 work days. Provided us with reference number (255 009 310 001)

2. 4 Jul 2008, Friday, approximately 4.30pm
When to TMPoint Puchong to enquire why the delay as no technician called so far to set appointment to install phoneline. (Do not understand why need to install phoneline at new location since there is already a phoneline there. But was informed that the technician need to check and this will cost us RM30).

3. 4 Jul 2008, Friday
Approximately 5.30pm Customer Service at TMPoint Puchong informed us that she has submitted the order to center to request for installation of phone line at new location but as it was already after office hours and they don’t work weekends, the center will only be able to process order on Monday. Technician will then contact us to install the phone line. Not very happy with this news. The customer service made us wait for almost an hour while she was in the back room sorting this thing out but still gave us bad news.

4. 7 Jul 2008, Monday
No calls received from TMPoint or technician. What is the point of asking for my phone number then?

5. 8 Jul 2008, Tuesday
Called the helpdesk to request for updates. Was informed that the order received and helpdesk consultant provided me the technician contact number. Requested that I call the technician directly. Called the technician but was informed that he has not received any instruction. He will check and call me back. Called me back and informed me that the address provided to him by the center does not match the address I informed him. Informed me to call the helpdesk to change the address. Called the helpdesk to request to change address. Spelled out the EXACT correct address to help desk. Helpdesk said it is done.

6. 9 Jul 2008, Wed
Technician called early in the morning and informed me that he has received the new instruction but the address is still wrong, same mistake. Call the help desk again and request change of address. Was informed by helpdesk that they will change the address. Helpdesk consultant informed me that she will call me upon confirmation tomorrow.

7. 10 Jul 2008, Thurs
No calls from anyone. Again, what for waste my saliva and ask me to tell them my phone number??

8. 11 Jul 2008, Friday
Called helpdesk again and request to talk to supervisor and request for name: Fadzi. Informed him of the situation. Helpful and promised to ensure that the correct address provided to technician and installation will be on Monday. Promised to expedite activation of Steamyx after installation instead of the usual 3 days.

9. 14 Jul 2008, Monday
Call from technician early in the morning to install phoneline @ 12 noon. Call helpdesk at 7pm to request activation of line (as required by standard procedure). Informed by helpdesk that they didn’t received order that the line was installed and hence can activate. Requested that I go down to TMPoint Puchong personally to find out more.

10. 15 Jul 2008, Tuesday
Called helpdesk and enquire once again. Was informed this time that they have received the order that line was installed and will activate Streamyx within 3 days. Requested helpdesk to expedite as I have already waited more than 2 weeks.

11. 16 Jul 2008, Wed
Tried to login Streamyx and discovered that phoneline activated. So it actually does not need 3 days to activate the line right?? I don't believe that they are soooo busy that a queue is there to activate the streamyx!

12. 17 Jul 2008, Monday
Went online to pay outstanding amount of RM396.40 via RHB online banking.

13. 2 Aug 2008, Saturday
Received TMNet bill dated 22 Jul 2008 amounting to RM608.50 with RM212.11 being the current caj .

14. 4 Aug 2008, Monday, 10am
Called the helpdesk to enquire and ask for explanation on the outstanding amount. Informed them that I paid via RHB Internet banking RM396.40 and requested them to check. Also requested an explanation for additional RM102.11 especially RM66 payment for lost of equipment (Bayaran Alat Hilang). Was promptly informed that it was because I didn’t return the phone set and would need to do so by going personally to TMPoint to return the phone set and complete a form. Outstanding amount will be adjusted after that. Have not managed to ask on the remaining RM36.11 as helpdesk consultant very impatient to end the conversation.

15. 4 Aug 2008, Monday, 7pm
Upon reaching home, found out from babe that the technician that came to install the phone did not leave behind any extra phone set. Instead, we are using the original phone set from our old place.

16. 5 Aug 2008, Tuesday, approx. 1.30pm
Called 100 to enquire about the outstanding amount and the additional unaccounted charges. Was informed that they have not received any payment from me for the outstanding charges. I informed them again that I have paid via RHB Internet banking for the total amount of RM396.40 on 17 Jul 08 and the transaction number. The person answering the phone informed me that the phone line will be activated within 24hours.

I am surprised because my line was still active. He confirmed again that it was terminated and he will proceed to activate the line. I requested more information on other outstanding amount. He directed me to another section.

17. 5 Aug 2008, Tuesday, approx. 1.45pm
As informed by the other guy, I called and connect to dispute on billing enquiries section. Again, was informed that they have not received any payment for outstanding amount. Again I provided details of the internet banking. And again, I requested for more information on the additional charges, specifically RM26 for monthly phone rental when it should be RM0 since I took the Streamyx combo package which includes the phone rental.

Also enquire on the RM66 which states in the bill as for payment of lost item. Informed the her, Ms Zuraini, that I didn’t receive any new phone set when relocation. She also asked if this Streamyx was registered to two phoneline. I was shocked because the previous line was terminated. I asked what was the other additional charges under kredit dan charge lain lain. She informed me this was pro-rated rental for previous phone line. AGAIN I asked her, shouldn’t this be RM0 since it is included in the streamyx package?

She informed me no, only for the new line. Since the amount was roughly RM10, I decided not to argue further with her. Instead, requested for action that will be taken for the RM26 and RM66. She corrected me and informed me that it should be RM25 only as RM1 is for the itemized billing charge. Frustrated, I decided to let it go especially since I am in the office. So enquire when can the investigation to the dispute for the RM25 + RM66 can be settled. She informed me that the investigation will take 90days, i.e. 3 months! I was so shocked. So I asked why should I be penalized for something that is obviously not caused by me? Do I still need to pay the full RM212.11 in the meantime? She said yes! (Can I start swearing yet?)

This is the service we get from the IDIOT TMNET and STREAMYX????? At this point, I don't even know which party to blame specifically. I only can summarise the root cause as this:
1. The person in charge in TMPoint Puchong FORGOTTEN to submit my request for relocation and hence, after 5 days, there are still no action. If I had not gone to TMPoint Puchong on 5 Jul, my request would still be lost somewhere. Furthermore, key-in the wrong address.

2. The helpdesk consultant (or maybe I add STUPID) DID NOT change the address when I informed them that it is wrong although she said it is changed and even read it back to me. Either she forgot to save or simply couldn't be bothered?

3. The helpdesk consultant is not well informed and does not know what they need to do or else there would not be a hassle such as this.

4. The system or standard operating procedure for phone relocation SUCKS and totally ineffective. The management should look into this and perhaps consider to hire themselves a consultant? A REAL CONSULTANT!

5. Their online payment system MESSED UP~! I paid more than 2 weeks ago and their system still cannot track it! But the moment I informed them my bank transaction number, they can immediately tell me that they will activate my account within 24 hours. So, they have cash received but unaccounted for because their system do not comprehend the purpose!

6. Finally (but not at all last, I am pretty sure), the dispute investigation team, 90days? I guess they have so many complaints on the billing that they are backup cases for 3 months in which case, I would suggest to the management again to rethink, replan and redo their SOP!

ARGH! Going to complaint draft the letter tonight!


Nick Phillips said...

Jen, have you seriously considered checking with Jaring for their wireless broadband service? It's so much less hassle and you can also use the wireless modem and connect it to a phone and make phone call like normal. I'm not sure if the area you live is covered by Jaring but it's worth a try. They're sooooo much more efficient than TMNet.

Rose said...

Jen, I agreed with Nick, you should try jaring. I feel frustrated also reading your entry of events.

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
Unfortunately, when we signed up for the Streamyx combo packaged, we signed for one year contract. So, for now, I guess I need to continue suffering but definitely not in silence! Will be writing a strong complaint letter demanding explanation for the grievances!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
Yah, as soon as I am off this one year contract, I am gonna terminate and switch. And I will definitely make sure others know how terrible they are. Good news travel fast but bad news travel even faster...