Friday, August 29, 2008

Used Furniture

I got my sofa! I got my sofa! neh Neh neh~!! Hahaha! Yah, babe and I finally can collect our sofa from the apartment nearby and bring it to our house. Actually, we were planning to collect it since last weekend but it has been raining almost every evening (yar, me and my God of Thunder and Rain, I think we need to talk.) We initially planned to wait till tonight and collect it. But the lady owner said since it was such a clear and beautiful evening, we better collect them yesterday. Just in case in rain again tonight.

Her new sofa are coming in Saturday morning. So you can imagine how anxious she was to make sure that out with the old and then in with the new! We reached home around 6.45pm and was planning to leave for her place at around 7pm but then it started to drizzle. WAH! How the lady owner worried. Luckily, the rained stopped at around 8pm. And off we go, dragging the trolley noisily onto the road to the next apartment.

And man, was it noisy! I bet as we pass the apartments, people staying in it must have wonder what stampede just gone thru! It was that noisy. The kind of consistent kling klang kling klang that gives you the beginning of a headache. And when it finally stop making the racket, we actually go AH and sigh with contentment! Anyway, the lady owner turn out to be a super super nice lady. Helped us move the sofa all the way back to our apartment.

She even start donating her stuff to us and throw in freebies for the sofa! GOSH! I never thought I will find someone so nice nearby. She even offered to donate her old curtains and another set of sofa cover to me when she or her maid can find it. She gave all those small pillows she have on her sofas and initially intended to give everything she used to decorate to sofa to me. She said she even bought a big plastic bag to cover the sofa for us so that it won't get dirty when we transport it!

Oh, and she promised to bring me with her to the nearby wet market the next time she goes! I am abit overwhelmed and surprised as I always thought West Malaysian are super busy people that does not care much about social ethics? OOpps! Did I offend anyone? What I am trying to say is, I understand that the phase of life here is super fast and everyone trying to make the most out of their day. And hence, have not much time to build relationship such as friendship with new people.

But I am glad to report that so far, from work place to neighbors, everyone is actually friendly! And super nice! Alamak! I just realised that the lady owner was at our apartment for quite awhile but I forgot to offer her any drinks! HAHAHA! But we did have a good chat!

Oh yah, anyone looking for a rather unique custom-made coffee table, please let me know. The lady owner want to let it go. The coffee table is dark brown with custom-made glass-top. In the table itself, there are actually some rather nice miniature stuff. So, it is actually rather nice which need to be seen to be appreciated. Babe and I am not very good at appreciating such things but anyone that is looking for collectibles, this is a good piece!

The lady is also selling other pieces of furnitures as well, dining tables, cupboards, fridge and so on. Her stuff are all very well kept and love. Really well taken care of. There is hardly any scratch on her furnitures eventhough she have one kid! So, if you are interested, click here.

So, I have my sofa!! YAHOO!! And I must say, it looks bigger than I initially thought. It is now dominating almost one whole site of the wall in the living room. And the computer monitor looks rather small and weird next to it. So, next month quest? A TV and TV rack perhaps but need to budget properly first. For now, we are still happy with our monitor and computer tv ^_^.

WAH!! Cant wait till the day is over. I want to dash out of the office promptly at 6pm today! I don't care if I have to wait in the lobby for babe for half hour. Just want to get the weekend started one way or another. In fact, we are already planning for lunch today. We were planning to go Izzy at Uptown but not sure if we can since there is not enough cars to transport us at the moment.

I as usual, no car and the girl colleague that usually drives, not driving today. So, we might just have something nearby but still pricey stuff! Some Italian food or something like that! Stuff ourselves silly and then come back to the office to nod off in front of the computer after that! But then, again, who cares! It is Friday! YAHOO!

Oh man~! This is definitely not healthy. Every week looking forward to the weekends. Jumping up and down (literally!) when it is finally Friday and can say THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!!!!


Rose said...

What a kind lady she is!

Oh, i cant wait to see and sit on the new sofa! :p

Nick Phillips said...

Woi Jen, can introduce me to your neighbour ah? Maybe she got some more free stuff to give away la ... hehehe ...

Lets have some pictures of the sofa, ya?

Anonymous said...

1. Ketuanan melayu has to go. Chinese & Indians are NOT penumpang, we pay more taxes so if anything the penumpang is not the Nons.

2. MCA and MIC should wake up now, forget about stupid Ahmad Ismail, we don’t want him to retract his idiotic statement, it doesn’t do me any good. And in response to DPM on keeping my chinese name, he can DREAM ON being the PM. If he does, Ill migrate.

3. MCA & MIC should have 2 things to do. A) Demand UMNO to abolish the “social contract” or B) just quit BN and support Pakatan Rakyat on Ketuanan Rakyat. If they don’t do this due to their own benefits, they are RESPONSIBLE on the sufferings the NONs will face in the future. As I said, MCA & MIC it is time to act!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
YAR! I think we have guardian angels watching over us! ^_^

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
ERRR!! I left her advert on the blog right? Errr..u contact her yourself lar!:P

Jen's Place said...

Hi Anonymous,
GOSH! What a message...
I won't comment much on that since this is not a political blog. So, ahem.....thanks for visiting^_^