Monday, August 11, 2008

Lazy Weekend

Feeling abit blur this morning and can't wait till I reached office to get my cuppa coffee for the morning! Had not been sleeping well last night, keep on waking up throughout the night. I think I must have wake up at least 5-6 times last time and 2 times to go washroom. Its just one of those night where you don't feel comfortable no matter how you sleep. When the blanket is on, it is too hot but with it off, it is too cold. If only half on, then the uncover part of the body will be too cold. Arghh!

I wonder if this is because of the durian I ate yesterday afternoon. Or maybe because overdose on naps on Saturday and Sunday. Basically, on Friday night, I slept at around 1-2am. Babe went off to bed at around 11.30pm since he had to wake up early to go to work the next day (around 6.30am). Not that I didn't wake up early also on Saturday morning to make babe his breakfast. But when he left for work at 7am, I promptly went back to bed and slept until 11am!

Then I did a some spring cleaning on the apartment, so dusty although just 2 of u staying there. we are starting to keep the windows close when we are both not at home to see if the place is still as dusty. Then of course, cook for lunch. After babe got back, we ate and proceed to Sunway Lagoon hotel to pick up my aunt and cousin. We went to The Submit for sticky mango rice and tomyam noodle.

After that, we drove them to KLCC to meet up with their relatives for dinner there. We left Submit at around 5pm and only finally drop them off at KLCC at 6pm. Initially we though we will stop by too since it will not be often that we make the trip to city center. But as it was already 6pm, babe and I decided to just drop them and go back. Of course, we promptly got ourself lost and ended up using the long way back home.

After that, we basically didn't go out from the house except to get babe's ciggie. Babe slept pretty early on Saturday night (before 12midnight) and he only woke up at 2pm the next day! I woke up once at 9am and after checking the time, went back to sleep again until 12 noon. After that, I simply can't sleep anymore. So, woke up, took out the pork belly to defrost and watch internet tv. I am glad I woke up though because I managed to catch 'Monster Ark' that I though starts at 9am.

We had lunch at 3pm (LOL~!) and then watch some more internet tv and dinner at 8pm! And guess what babe did before dinner? He slept again at around 5 and only woke up when I start heating up the food for dinner. Of course, the ironing session started after I clean up the dinner. And football at 10pm and we go off to bed again at 12midnight right after his football finished!

That's my boring-nothing-much-happened-weekend. whatever you feel like doing, including sleeping or just laze around the house doing absolutely nothing. Well, not absolutely nothing since I can't stay still in one place not doing anything unless I am sleeping. But I think you got what I mean.

Oh, I forgot, I made minced pork + lamb woh teah but am too lazy to post any pic now:P Will do that in another post with the recipe later.


Nick Phillips said...

I spent my weekend watching the Olympics and sleeping ... LOL!

Hope the coming week will be a more exciting one for you.

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
Oh, I don't want the excitement! I dont mind having weekends to sleep and do absolutely nothing! Blissful!! ^_^

Rose said...

Kuching also very hot at night. fighting with blanket on and off like u too. heheheh!! I work yesterday, so nothing much except have dinner with my family after that. Mum's treat for my birthday (Chinese fall on yesterday date....)

Jen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
Phew! I thought I missed your 'English' bday! Happy Chinese BDAY!!!!

Here pretty hot too last few nights! Tempted to switch on the aircon but worried that can't wake up in the morning.