Friday, August 22, 2008

Please Let Me Win!!

WOW! I am starting to think that God finally remember me and start smiling at me, showering me with good fortune and luck! Not only have I managed to find the sofa set that I want at really reasonable price, the location is just 5 minutes walk away from my apartment. On top of that, I also found someone that would like to give up their dog for adoption. The dog is one of those easy to take care, short hair and friendly little thing! Just right for us and the apartment. Now, all I need to do is convince my babe the same thing too! LOL~

Anyway, today, while I was checking my blog, the advertlets banner on my blog caught my attention. You see, I am on the quest to loose as much weight as possible in the next four month! And it so happen that my colleagues and I were discussing that the Celebrity Fitness Center that the mall near our office is open really early in the morning. In fact, some of our female colleagues did go there previously for morning exercise, shower and then come to work. A few of guys here will also usually go after work. I am actually super new to gym and abit reluctant to part with my money for a whole year membership because I know myself very well. I might just decided to quit halfway thru.

I did hear from my colleague that going to the gym can be addictive. Once you get started, it would be rather hard not to go for a long period of time because your body will be craving for exercise. I know that is true for yoga. I can’t hardly believe how much I sweat when I go for yoga. I always thought that it is a gentle stretching exercise! I guess that is what you call HOT yoga? So, gym! Lots of my friends tell me tonnes of benefits they get from going to gym. Not only does it helps to build and tone the muscle, also at the same time, can help to increase your metabolic rate. So, whatever food taken will burn away before it can turn into fat.

Having said that, I know it would not be easy in the beginning, most likely will get bodyache and so on, but my quest to achieve substantial weight lost before my wedding day motivates me to try it out. So, the opportunity that the contest to win gym membership is hard to let up. Usually, I will not participate in such contest. Too lazy to write about things that I am not passionate about no matter how attractive the price were.

But for this Celebrity Fitness contest, perfect timing! The grand prize being one voucher for six month free membership and three months for runner up. I can already imagine myself going there every morning before going to work. After all, since I carpool with babe to work daily and actually reached the office before 7.30am eventhough my actual work hour starts at 9am, might as well make good use of the one half hour right?

So, why do I deserve to win? I guess it will be the push that I need to get started and to try out new things. I desperately need to push and motivate myself to get started on my health regime. Even a three months membership will be better than nothing. Not only to lost weight in time to look good for my church and dinner reception on 29 Dec but also for health reason. I know, I know, people will say fat people can be fit and healthy too. In fact, sometimes overweight people have better fitness level compared to those skinny ones. But I can wish to be healthy AND SLIM at the same time right?

Actually, I can already imagine myself going there every morning, i.e. in my exercise clothes and a knapsack filled with my office wear, towel and shampoo/soap, ask babe to drop me off at the entrance to the mall instead of to the office building. Walk to the Celebrity Fitness Center and do some threadmill and weight lifting. They even have yoga from 7-8am and 8-9am! So, maybe go for the Yoga on Wednesday and Power Yoga on Friday in the morning, belly dancing 6-7pm on Tuesdays and Energy Aerobic on Thursdays 6-7pm. So, four times a week alternate between mornings and evenings.

WOW! I can’t wait to get started. So, I really really hope that I will win!


Nick Phillips said...

All the best to you then Jen, I do hope you win. And it's good that you decided to start exercising too :D

Happy weekend.

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
Yah but with all the housework that babe dump on me, I am wondering if that is sufficient *grin*

Anyway, you have a great weekend too!!

Rose said...

Jen, go for it!! dont forget you need this for your year end plan! *wink* good luck!!

Er, any walk in member?? maybe i can try too when i am there next month?? hehehe!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
Yar! :P

UncleJosh said...

haha... perhaps you would finally win it~! :)

Jen's Place said...

Hi Uncle Josh,

I sure hope so!!! :P