Friday, August 22, 2008


Just a short one. Since SK was here the other day and since mooncake festival is almost here, SK has kindly agreed to help me bring back mooncakes for my parents. The mooncake is from Baker's Cottage and I really like the packaging. But the box is pretty big. And since ask SK to bring back, not nice to ask her bring big box mar. Hence, I took out the mooncake from the box and put in a nice paperbag instead.

Mooncake wrapped in nice transparent wrapper. This really impresses me. Very beautifully done.

The box with sunflower motive. It is actually abit sponge-like and very pretty! I fell in love instantly with the box.

Empty box that hold 8 mooncakes. All wrapped in the transparent wrapping.

The words on the mooncake. Engraved on metal but I don't know what it mean *blush*


Rose said...

Very nice packaging! Now mooncake is too commercialised. All flavours that you cannot imagine to put in your mooncake!! I still like the authentic lotus paste mooncake.

Jen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
I prefer the mung bean mooncake or the salty ones, I think that is with the greenbean paste? Can't seem to find them here..