Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Household Tag

La did dum da da dum…*hum*~! Yes, I am happy. Nope, it is not Friday, no need to double check your calendar. Happy because my boss is on leave and I do not have to feel so stressed whenever I sent out any emails. Happy because SK is here and we met again for lunch just now. We went to Shillin and as usual, chat non-stop catching up for about an hour! If you ask what we chat about, I honestly cannot recollect and narrate back to you. Sufficient to say that, we talk about anything and everything! I guess that is how we know that we can be good friends. RK & SK, correct or not?

Lucky RK not here too because I think 1 hour would not have been enough. I can just imagine the fun if all three of us are on vacation together! I think we will talk and talk and talk with each other. Most likely if our hubbies is with us, we will completely ignore them and just chat among the three of us! HAHA! Gosh! I sure miss them a lot! At least SK, I have seen here twice since I been here and I know she will be here again early next month on her way back from her holiday with her hubby and kid. But RK, so many times say want to come because have cheap AirAsia fare, in the end, she change her mind. Sigh! RK, I am still waiting ah!

I got a big surprise from a colleague today. And this has made me realised that I finally can say that I am well and truly settled down here now. After more than four months here, I am glad. Although my apartment is still bare, only filled with bedroom and kitchen essentials, but life is less hectic now. Yes, I still have long hours during workdays, wake up at 6.30am and only reach home around 6.30pm if I am lucky. Most of the time, only home around 7pm. And then rest for awhile, cook rice and dinner. Eat around 8pm. By the time finish and clean up, already 9pm. Watch tv for awhile, already 11pm! Then go ironing and other house chores in between ler.

I am the type that cannot stand seeing mess and having things all over the place. Babe on the other hand, he can just leave him things wherever he goes! In the beginning, I will pick up after him and put the things back to it place. It is so frustrating actually. I even buy basket n boxes just for him to put his stuff but somehow, the things are never where it suppose to be. Now, I give up! I just leave the things where he left them. And when he start asking me where they are, I will say I don’t know since I didn’t take them! I think he cannot tahan also last weekend because he actually took the vacuum cleaner out and vacuum the WHOLE apartment!

Then hor, yesterday he go back, ask me how come all the glasses missing from the kitchen rack. I ask him where he last left it lar and ask him to check the living room. I expect him to bring the glasses to the kitchen and leave them in the sink as usual. Wah! Imagine my surprise when I hear the water running in the sink and he start to wash the cups AND the rice cooker! Either my nagging works or babe suddenly realised that he left most of the household chores to me and that he should be helping out too? I think most of you know that I hate household chores. Not sure how long this will last but I will definitely enjoy it!

And to answer Nick and Rose tag on the household chores that I hate most? I will say that the one thing that I absolute hate and dislike doing (among all the dislikes!) is IRONING! I know a few ladies out there that didn’t like them too. When I first relocated here, babe expects me to do all his ironing for him! Boy oh boy! Did he find out how much I hated it. Whenever I am ironing, he will make sure that he either stays far away from me and not ask me much questions because I turned into a super grouch when I am in front of the ironing board. To top it off, that time we were still staying with his friend and I think some of you will remember some of my posting complaining about the heat.

The house basically is an oven. All windows closed all the time. The door (a very small door) hardly opens at all. The fan is seldom on! So, when ironing, it is like standing in front of the burning stone in the sauna room! To make matter worse, the iron is the old type that does not help much is making the ironing job any easier. It seems that no matter how hard you press or the number of times you press the pants with the hot iron; it seems to still look ugly and rumbled! Sometimes, I just couldn’t be bothered and just let those few lines stay where they are!

After we moved to our apartment, although the temperature in the house is definitely cooler, I still hate ironing. Eventhough we bought a pretty good steam iron, which definitely makes the job a lot easier, I still hate it. Especially during weekends, just got back from walking miles and miles at the mall, come back, still need to stand there and do ironing! Gosh! That is when babe make sure that he avoids me and not ask me for anything at all or else I will definitely snap back at him or show my super sour face! I know SK actually enjoy ironing and I ask her for her secret! She say, she wants to feel proud when her hubby wear those wrinkle free shirt to work. Ermm..I don’t think that is not my kind of motivation!! I don’t care bah! Hahaha!! So bad! BLUEK!

Not going to tag anyone though but if you are interested to play, feel free to join in ^_^. Just copy the list below and add in your blog at the end. Don't forget to include the pic!

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Nick Phillips said...

LOL Jen, how can you dislike ironing? I don't mind doing the ironing. In fact I think I iron way faster than my wife ... hehehe ...

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
Is Nick Auto Iron 200D for hire?? *SWEET SWEET SMILE!*

Dav DiDi said...

I like ironing too !!!

I take it as an exercise .. that way I feel a lot happier when ironing .. hahaha ..

heat = sweat = calories burn = lost weight!!! remember this and ironing would be a lot easier .. hahahaha

Jen's Place said...

Hi Didi,
Actually I do think of that but still not enough to motivate to LIKE ironing. I rather cook, clean, wash than ironing! But babe also hates it, so we share lor. I iron during weekends, he do it during weekdays which is abit nia! HHMPFF!