Thursday, August 14, 2008


Three shocking news in one day but 2 out of the 3 I cannot say it here or else a lot of people will take the next flight to KL and kill me! So, instead, I will settle with this: THE EFFECTIVE WAY TO COURT A GIRL! Just have a few rules actually:
Rule#1: She is the QUEEN of your world

Rule#2: Always pay for EVERYTHING. (Even if she insists she wants to share, don’t let her. Kidnap her purse/handbag/etc)

Rule#3: Buy her presents! (Even when she says no need, in her heart, she will be very happy!)

Rule#4: ALWAYS pick and send her home when going on a date (Borrow/Steal a car if you don’t have one!)

Rule#5: CALL her more than once a day and everyday! (Even if you have no specific reason, tell her you call her to listen to her voice!)

Rule#6: Be yourself! (Please make sure be yourself mean that you includes rule#1-5!)

Ladies (or gents), feel free to add on!

Note: You might not agree with me but I don’t care! I think it is a rule and if you want to follow, mah si follow lor. If not, the ignore me lor! Not as if you are my hubby or bf pun! :P hahaha!


Rose said...

Only follow in the first few months of the courtship. Then, everything change liaw! :p

Jen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
Actually, I think this is for guys when they are chasing a girl to be their gf AND the initial first few months after that...

After that of course, it should mellow down to a wonderful glow and happiness to be with each other. Gosh! Do I sound so loso???? HAHA!!

Nick Phillips said...

Geez Jen, who came up with this? A woman? LOL!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
Came up with this because was abit frustrated with a friend so-lost 'aptitude' towards courting gals!!!! Where got guys when chasing a gal need to ask people whether he should pay for everything...(In case you are also wondering, the answer is OF COURSE LAR!) LOL!