Friday, August 15, 2008


Mellow soothing calm and peaceful! Why am I feeling so wonderful today? ( I sound like someone suffering from maniac depression to you? One moment all stressed up and another all bubbly and happy?:P LOL~) La di dum..di di dum *singing, waltzing* Its FRIDAY!!! YAHOO!!! And boss going away for the WHOLE week next week. Fantastic or not? Great or not?

So many things planned, so little time! We are even planning for pre-weekend fun already tonight! haha! Going to finally watch Dark Knight. I think there are only a few more shows left. Oh well, I guess if all fails, we will just have to download and watch or something. I am also keen to watch The Mummy. Anyone seen it? Any good? The thriller sure looks exciting. But Puteri Gunung Ledang thought me, never believe all the reviews, critics and thriller you seen or heard!

Am also thinking of making tiramisu during the weekend. An experiment actually because I have never made one. Babe been talking about it on and off ever since he tasted one and been asking me to try and make them. It is not that I don’t want lar but when I read the recipe, so complicated! But I did some research the other day online and decided that I can take some short cuts and experiment! Instead of making the sponge cake from scratch, I will just buy them! GRIN!

That way, all I need to prepare is the filling which consist of some Italian cheese which I will substitute with cream cheese (according to some bakers that recommended them), cream, egg, sugar, coffee liquor and brandy! I think the most difficult problem for me now is to find a small bottle of brandy. Not sure where to get them and I am not willing to buy one big bottle lar! You know how much those big bottle cost????

Anyway, if all fails, then I will just turn it into a cheesecake lor! One of those no bake cheesecake. Haven’t bake a cheesecake in a long time. Didn’t realised how much babe miss the cheesecake until he start showing me pictures of cheesecake in recipe books when we go to the MPH sales that day! (What a ‘subtle’ hint! LOL!).

Well, actually I been rather reluctant to bake much eventhough we moved to our own place already. The main reason was of course because not enough time. On top of that, of course, the raising cost of things makes me more careful with my spending. Buying cream cheese will always takes a backbench except for occasional treat or special occasion. So babe, better treasure the tiramisu ah!

Then there was the cleaning up after that of course. The actual baking part is fun but I absolutely hate the cleaning part of it. We actually bought a book that say cook-in-30minutes. The recipe book basically give simple but creative recipe that can be ready in 30min, include preparation and cooking time. However, there is no cleaning time written at all. I am pretty sure the cleaning will take another 15-30minutes~!

Actually I have not been feeling very well last few days. Still having sorethroat and bodyache. I think it is a start of a flu or something. Even when I swallow the saliva, my throat will give me piercing sharp pain just to remind me that it is still there. I can also feel my tongue think with a layer of whatever and not much appetite at all. Even last night, had to basically make myself finish my few spoon of rice as I can feel my gastric starting up again.

So, I might just end up sleeping thru the weekend instead of baking as planned! But I think baking is a good therapy to de-stress and have some good fun. I mean, nothing is better than knowing that you have baked a great cake/cookie. Of course, the best is seeing people enjoying your hard work! At one point in life, I was even thinking of starting a bakery to satisfy my baking passion.

There is nothing more rewarding if the job that you do to earn a living is something that you love and is passionate about. The looks and faces of the people enjoying the food. I can just see it, the face brighten up when they have the first bite. Second bite, surprised that it really tastes so good. Third mouthful, sink into blissful satisfaction and sigh with pleasure! LOL! But alas, my baking will remain a hobby for now. Perhaps when I retire, I can consider this again. Or maybe I can start it as part-time business, i.e. based on case-to-case order? Hehehe!


Nick Phillips said...

LOL Jen, I would choose sleeping throughout the weekend la ... But if you do decide to do some baking, then make sure you take some pictures, k? Happy weekend.

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
I might just sleep thru but you might never know. What? Take pic and get blamed for spoiling your diet again? :P
Oh well, I will think about it! I always tell ppl that another reason I love baking for my friends is so that they will eat and GET FAT! Then I will look SLIM next to them!*evil grin*

Nick Phillips said...

Don't worry, I won't blame you for ruining my diet this time ... hahaha ... Oh by the way, you just been tagged by me :D

Rose said...

When can i taste ur cake??

A real baker.....hmm

I got a tag for you at

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
Unfortunately, I did almost sleep thru the weekend! Woke up pass noon on both Saturday and Sunday but that was because we slept around 3-4am the day before*grin*.
So, no pic to tempt u this time!

OOOooo a tag from the famous Nick. I will get to it soon!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
haha! I didn't bake in the end after looking at the cream cheese price now! RM31-32 for 1kg Anchor cream cheese!! I still remember when I bake for CNY this yr, it was around RM20++ only!!!

OOh! Tag JenJen day..ok, I will get to your tag soon *grin*

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen2
Why go to so much trouble buying those ingredients. Try to get the premix one. There are so many cake ingredients shops in KL. Nowadays there r a lot of premix for cakes, any cakes of ur choice, just name it. Then you don have to wash so many oily utensil lor... save time, save$$, save energy.. hhehehee.. rite? Rgds Irene

Jen's Place said...

Hi Irene,
You are back! (or have u always been around^_^)

Yar, I did saw a few premix brand and heard that pilsbury is not bad but I thought I show babe love and bake from scratch! Er, not really from scratch, maybe cheat a little and get the premix choc cake and just sapu the cream cheese, viola: Choc cheese cake!

hhhmm!! Now u got me thinking! HAHAAHA