Thursday, January 29, 2009


Feeling super super nostalgic now. Been looking at this website on wedding videos and this people are making me wish that I can do everything all over again! Almost...want to do it all over again. Now I can't wait to see my own videos that my bro's friend help us to take on the day. Yah, I have not seen the video. No time bah after the wedding while we were in Kuching till the time we come back to KL. And also forgotten to ask my bro to burn us a copy. So, will have to wait till my parents and sis come next month to stay with us for about 2weeks.

I heard my mom said that they had a good laugh when they view through the video. K called it romantic comedy! LOL! I am just anxious to see what happened during the dinner. I understand that I missed pretty alot of the happenings on the stage. Our friends and cousins were singing for us and calling us from stage but we unintentionally ignored them. Of course, there was me tipsy (err..drunk but conscious and able to comprehend what is going on but only one thing at a time). I remember the dancing with babe though.

Hhmm, never ceased to amaze me how much I can love a person and still am so much in love with him eventhough after more than 8 years together. Of course, only been his wife for less than a month (although it felt as if we been married for ages because we understand each other so well but having said that, we never stop to surprise each other somehow with our quirkiness and own ways)! I realised after watching all those videos that the key essential that leads to a marriage is not just as a partner or lover in life but the most important aspect, best friend, i.e. someone that you can share laughter, sorrow, success and jokes (yup, jokes!) with. Someone that you know you can just call up anytime of the day for 'rescue' and he/she will be there for you no matter what.

EIKS! Sorry!!! I better stop this mushy stuff or else you will start to vomit all over your monitor and keyboard! HAHAHA!

Anyway, some of the videos makes me wanted to tell babe that do and feature it as part of our romantic story for our kids. One that I particularly like is the Answers to Love Questions (Jeff & Ann) where the couple writes out a list of questions they have for each other and each answer them separately. They do not know the answer until the wedding dinner! I wonder how must that feel. As I remember it (or not remember :P), most of the time throughout that day went by in a haze. Only remember bits and pieces of it and even then, I think it was through rose tinted glass.

What I am trying to say is, if anyone of you are getting married soon, dont forget to get someone to record the whole day event on video. It does not have to be a professional such as those from Wedding Story (although it would be great if you can afford to hire the professionals) but most important is to have something to look back. Trust me, you will not remember much of the day no matter how careful it is planned. You also do not have eyes everywhere. So, definitely a good idea to have videos taken. If possible, get 2-3 videos with 2-3 friends (or 10 videos and friends if you have) to help records different parts of the wedding. 1 person just cant cover everything.

p/s: This is not a paid advertisement for Wedding Story lar. I am just feeling stupidly nostalgic and wants to share what I thoughts derived from my experience ^_^

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