Saturday, January 24, 2009

Finally! First baking for the CNY

Saturday, 1.35pm, sitting in my living room waiting for babe to come home. He sms around 12.30pm saying that he will be late today. Usually, he will be back just before 1pm if he works on Saturday but he need to handle something at work. So, I am here with the tv turned on to channel 702 Oprah. I am not really watching it, just something as background noise while I sit here and check through my mail, facebook and blog.

Woke up pretty early this morning actually. Just cant sleep long when I think of all those work that is waiting for me. I never can sit still when there is work still waiting. I prefer to get everything over and done with and then sit down and relax. So, I re-arranged the storeroom and cleared the spare room. So, the spare bedroom now is habitable although there are still some bags and curtains on the floor but all those are in one corner. So, still habitable :P

Did two loads of laundry and hang them up to dry. Also watched the bathroom in our bedroom but just couldnt bring myself to clean the bedroom outside! I think I will either leave that for babe or maybe later. Just too tired. Although, I did have the energy to bake my favourite cookie, MELTING MOMENTS! WAHAHAHA! I finally cannot tahan anymore and just have to bake something. I need to bake the chocolate with the rice cooker but was planning to do that later after we eaten the rice in the cooker. And the no-bake cheesecake is not really baking! It is just throwing the ingredient together into a baking pan and dump it into the fridge.

After cracking my head, I finally thought, what the heck, lets try baking melting moments in the toaster oven. After all, the flour for the melting moments is actually cooked already. To my amazement and relieved that it actually worked! In fact, it is actually much faster than using the normal conventional oven. I did this in under 2hours.



dumb-baker said...

You are tempting me again!!! Ish...hehehhe!

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Baker,
HEHEHE! I tempted our friends too. The momo left a few biji only! People are ordering for other festive seasons! hahaha..