Tuesday, January 20, 2009

6 more days to go!

Haiyaaa...saw that the durian split abit already when I go to the balcony this morning. I hope still good to eat tonite. Wasted! But it was good yesterday. I reached my home around 6pm. One of my colleague has kindly offered to drive me back home before she goes home herself. So, didnt wait for babe to pick me up and go home. He was only hope AFTER 6.30pm. I think it was because of the rained quite abit although only for short while. Poor babe, he was wet when he got home. He say he cant find the umbrella in the car. Typical man. I told him before mar, it is next to the front passenger seat!

I am finally in CNY mood, abit lar. Just 6days away only. We bought some stuff already but mostly are titbits and cookies that babe and I want to eat. Let me see if I can remember what we bought. Happy nuts (pistachio nuts lar but we always call it happy nut, direct translation from Mandarin), peanuts (in case some of the guys want to drink beer or liquor and eat that), split beans, pineapple tart, peanut cookie, green bean cookie, ngaku (first time having this since I dont think Kuching have them. This are arrowhead crisps), choc chip cookies and few other types of titbits.

Am thinking to bake the steamed horlick cake, flourless chocolate cake (plan to use the rice cooker and try to bake it :P ) and no-bake cheesecake. Might even do the crispy seaweed but need to see have the time or not. Need to allocate and do abit of time management. Have to do spring cleaning especially the spare bedroom. Or maybe I will just keep that room under lock until after the cny? hhhmm..tempting tempting. Oh dont look at me that way! I need to prioritise mar! Still need to spring clean the apartment abit. Yesterday night we already took off the sofa cover, soak them in the washing machine for an hour with bleach and detergent. Now it is hanging outside in the balcony.

Then babe said this Friday want to wash all the floor mat. He can do that and I will vacuum and mop as usual. The apartment is more or less decorated and look more festive for the cny. One of the colleague gave me his old floor lamp. So gorgeous and looks perfect near the aquarium. Just need to go to the hardware store during lunch time to get a bulb for it. Babe was happy with the addition too although he is wondering how come I can get nice free stuff like that! He suspecting I buy ler.....Sheesh! MEN!

Mom keep asking if I want to go back for cny. Guess they are missing me because it will be the first year that their daughter not at home for cny. I know I am already missing them. Usually around this time, we would be busy decorating the house and buying more foodstuff. Mom told me yesterday that they will be having open house on Monday. Nothing grand lar, just cooked some food on top of the usual titbits and cookies. I am not planning much for next Monday and Tuesday. Plan to stay at home and catch up on sleep. Do a little blogging, watch astro, eat and sleep!

Might pursuade babe to go drive around KL since it should be pretty traffic-free. But then again, might be too lazy to do it. Sigh! This are one of those time that I wish we are married and living in Kuching. Then we can be near our parents. CNY eve can go to my parents place for reunion dinner, first day cny can go visit uncles and aunties. 2nd or 3rd day can go visit friends. Gosh! I better stop this or else I will end up in tears! Cant believe how much I will miss them especially during festive season. Next year MUST GO BACK! Must book ticket early.....


Gallivanter said...

Send some cookies and angpow over to me! :-)

dumb-baker said...

Oh my god!!! You are tempting me to munch those cookies at your house!!! Haha! Happy spring cleaning and may you enjoy your first time distributing ang pows...hehehe! Have a grest day Jen!

Anonymous said...

Hi there... want to change your favicon? find out how.. Have a nice tuesday!

JenJen's Place said...

Cannot send ler. U come to my place and wish me happy CNY first. Then I feed u

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Baker,
Actually bcos din go back Kch, I escape having to give ang pau! WAHAHAHA! Wanna come munch munch cookies @ my house? Come lar!

Have fun dear baker!

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Hapi,
How are u? Let me go check it out later :)