Monday, January 19, 2009

Good morning people..

I am feeling so lazy this morning. In fact, in the car just now, I almost fell asleep on the way to work. As usual, I am glad babe is driving. But then, if he was not driving me, I wouldn't have to wake up so early? On the other hand, there is this nice feeling of leaving the home together to get to work in the morning and coming back together in the evening. *Happy Sigh*

YAWN! Never very good with Mondays. Hope the weekend will come really soon and then can have a long stretch of holiday. I didn't apply for any leave this CNY since we are not planning to go anywhere. Might as well save up the leave especially in this economy situation. Never know what the company might decide to make us go on forced leave. However, the boss did say he do not mind us working from home. So, that is one good thing lar. At least if babe's or mine colleague decided to visit us during workday, I can have something cooked and ready.

For new year eve, as I said in my previous long long posting, we will be going to babe's friend's house for bbq. He is half Chinese too. Rather surprised that he and his family is not going back to Kuching for CNY actually because he mentioned that he was planning to go back since he didnt go during Christmas. Hence, we also planned for a bbq gathering at our apartment on the eve of CNY. But since he is having one too, we decided to combine and have it as his house lar. Better do bbq at a house with compound than at the apartment balcony!

So, I have already bought 3kg of pork and 1 whole chicken for the bbq. Still thinking how to marinate the pork. Might do what a friend suggested, i.e. with beer and chinese red wine! The chicken, going to keep it simple with salt, pepper and lemongrass since we are planning to bring our bbq pit there to do smoked chicken. I wonder if we can get brinjals or not to bbq as well. Need to suggest to babe that on that Sunday morning, must go market again. Hope that it is not super crowded but according to one of the stall owner there, it will be not as crowded as yesterday because most people will be at home and getting ready for the dinner already.

The whole apartment smell of durian this morning!!~ Cant wait to go home tonight to have them for dinner!



Gallivanter said...

Arrrgghh! Durian is EVURL!

Anonymous said...

OOhhh... DURIANS...
oh.. BBQ, ya how nice to have brinjals for BBQ, and eat with belachan, rite Jen? Oh no, Im salivating.hahhaa... Anyway, GONG XI FA CAI to you and your babe.

JenJen's Place said...

Durian not evil lar. Durian so nice! Still have 3 at home. Planning to whack them for dinner :P *evul grin*

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Irene,
Nope, not with belacan. Just marinate them in sauces and then bbq. So nice!!

Gong Xi Fa Cai to u too Irene. This year me no receive ang pau liaw...