Wednesday, January 28, 2009


ARGHH!!! I am so stupid! How I wish I am took leave and at home now, happily sleeping the morning away. Or even better, at home and watching astro, lazing around whole day with nothing much to do! Instead, I am at the office, at my desk, not knowing what to do since most of my vendors and customers are off for the whole week too! Here since before 7.30am and none of the colleagues are here yet. So, this morning decided that if there is not much going on today, I will sms my boss and let him know that I will be taking the 'force' leave after all...

Right now I am just sitting around and waiting for others to come. The office sure feel lonely. Even the road outside are so empty with the occasional car driving through to come for work. Most people took the opportunity to take 3 days leave this week so that they can have the whole week off I guess. (Feel like slapping my forehead again for my stupidity!) I feel like singing at the top of my lung right about now just to make the office more festive?

Maybe I should go back after half day, i.e. take a taxi and just go home? I have the spare house key with me. So, I might as well do that? Or maybe I should persuade my colleagues to come over to my place for lunch later and drive me there. But what to eat for lunch ah? Hhmm..I can heat up some of the food leftover from CNY eve feast, lamb and prawn. Just need to cook the rice. I wonder if cooking the rice will take how long? And dessert would be the choc cheesecake, no-bake cheesecake and the CNY goodies!

EIKS! Suddenly remember, the apartment is in a mess because we have not clean up much since the first day of CNY. Not allowed to sweep the floor mar. And also, yesterday, both babe and I just laze around and not do much. After 2 days of hecticness especially for me, I rather just stay at home and sit around. Both babe and I woke up at around noon (me later than him for once) and had our lunch. Then we basically watched Astro till around 6.30pm. Then we went for a swim. Dinner after that. And bed at around 11pm.



Rose said...

I wish the same too! Too tired after 1 week holiday! hahaha! But I survive. :p

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
U r back to work too?!? Thats early? How come din take the week off?