Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CNY is coming to town....

Another 3 days of work and it is CNY~!! Gosh! Have I got everything ready? Errr...actually, I also don't know. Am thinking of going to the wet market again this Sunday if our partner in crime for the bbq on Sunday night is short of things. We already have 3kg of pork and 1 whole chicken for the bbq. Planning to buy brinjal but if only to get that, no need to go wet market lar. So troublesome to find parking. I think this Sunday might be very crowded at the wet market despite what the stall lady said last Sunday when I was there.

She said most people would have gone back hometown already and got everything their need the day or week before. Might be true but am not going there unless absolutely necessary lar. Or maybe I can persuade babe to go there and see if there is any firecrackers? HAHAHA! Aidui aidui..abit homesick lar. Keep thinking what my parents are doing and preparing for CNY. Usually I will be the one planning everything from buying all the goodies to the dinner on the eve to open house. But this time, they have to do it alone with some help from my brother.

My brother, according to my mom, not much help lar. Ask him to look for restaurant for the CNY dinner, the price turn out to be close to RM1K because he asked places like Holiday Inn, Hilton, etc. So funny! HAHAHA! In the end, dad and mom went and ask Country Court. Full dinner for 10 comes up to RM288. So, they will be going there. I heard that dad already pre-booked roast duck, pork and chicken from one of the restaurant. And mom bought her favourite dried fig, 1kg!! Crazy!

As for me, I think I finally finished decorating the apartment. Yesterday, went and bought the bulb for the lamp that my colleague gave me. Bought energy saving bulb from Osram. Kinda pricey but since it is guaranteed to last for at least a year and tested to be able to last for 3 years, I consider it value for money. One normal bulb is about RM2 and from experience, last about 3 months. One Osram energy saving bulb is RM19and last 3 years. You do the maths lar. I am lazy :P

Anyway, can't resist taking some photos of the new lamp.

Very dark I know but basically just want to show how the lamp looks like when it is on. The house looks pretty bright and calming. The fishes in the tank were excited too with the extra light near them. Swimming round and round. And the fishes have a routine now. They know once their aquarium lights is on and the sound of plastic bag mean food is coming their way. And they will be so excited and swim around the aquarium in a frenzy. Too bad I cant put my hand into the tank and pat them. Or rather, I can do that but that probably mean I am giving them a killing touch? HAHAHA OK OK..enough!


Anonymous said...

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JenJen's Place said...

Hi Hapi,
How are u? Always seem to be so happy all the time! OK,I will go over to ur place later :)

Ching Ching said...

Instead of looking at the lamp, i see a lot of messy stuff around it. hahaha... (the usual Shirley,right?)

JenJen's Place said...

What messy stuff? So dark can still see messy stuff around ah???