Thursday, January 22, 2009

CNY eve List...

Ladeedum ..ladeedum...Thursday...lalalala...It has been a pretty lazy week so far! Except for Monday and yesterday morning, the rest of the week has been extremely slow. So slow that I actually become a big dragon and went to take walks for 'fresh air'. Actually spent alot of time in the office pantry as well yesterday. Not intentionally but somehow or rather, when girls start chatting, we just lost our sense of time, I guess. I think next week will be even worse because most of the colleagues will be on leave the whole week AND so will most of my vendors. I think I will bring some movies or books here!!

Hmm, found out yesterday that the friend whom we are suppose to be doing the cny eve bbq with is planning for the bbq to be on Saturday, i.e. the day before the eve of cny! This is the first time I hear that people can actually celebrate the reunion dinner the day before the eve of the actual day. I mean, the whole idea is pretty much similar to celebrating new year. When want to usher in the new year, you will do it on the 31 Dec of every year. So, when want to usher in the CNY, logical mind will say lets do it on the EVE of cny, i.e. the norm that everyone practises.

Anyway, since the bbq is not at our place, so, we have not much say in it. Babe and I am planning a simple celebration of our own at our place on Sunday. I need to plan what to cook. So far, this is what I have:
1. Prawn (either steamed or stirfried like I did previously)
2. Pork (definitely must have! Wonder if I can get roast pork at the wet market this Sunday morning. If dont have, I guess I will do pak lor pork?)
3. Mixed vegetable (lots and lots of brocolli and button mushrooms)
4. Steam fish (ermm..can get white prompet or not ah??)
5. Mixed pork soup (just throw whatever you want in this and wah lah!)
6. Roast/ smoked chicken (depend on whether babe want to fire up the bbq pit or not to make smoke)
7. Roast duck (I like roast duck but babe dont. So, we seldom have this)
8. Lamb (although I am not sure how to cook this yet! Might just go get lamb shank at Jusco)

I know, for the 2 of us, really alot but babe is thinking of inviting his friends over lar. I dont mind since other than celebrating valentine's day, I seriously believe that other celebrations should always be with family and/or friends. Whatever leftover, we will just store them in the freezer. Should be able to last for ages and still maintain the taste.

I have also invited my office colleagues to come over to the apartment for lunch on Monday. Planning to cook Sarawak laksa. One of babe's friend gave me an idea though. I might cook chinese red wine chicken soup with mee suah (i.e. long life noodles). Or maybe I should cook both just case some people dont take the laksa. Need to ask babe whether his colleagues will be coming. I might as well cook more on that day one go and clean up once after that. Much easier!

Yah, as you can see, started to get abit excited but not really also. The shopping mall was still very empty yesterday although cny was just a few days away. Perhaps people has not get their pay and the school not yet holiday? Or maybe most people took off the whole of next week, so not much time to go shopping this week yet. Then, this would mean that this Saturday and Sunday would be a very busy place at 1u. Perhaps I should just get my lamb shank first tomorrow from Jusco and keep in the fridge. Hhmm....


dumb-baker said...

8 dishes for 2 persons!!!! Wakakaka....this is fun. Perhaps i should pester my mom to cook up more for reunion dinner. And i love roast duck too...yummmzzz!

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Baker,
No no, not for 2 person. Babe gonna invite his friends over to join us for the celebration. Ish, hope ur mom wont scold me..hahahaha