Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Super Busy Weekend

Hhmm...glad to be sitting down and resting finally. This has been a very busy weekend. Mostly is because we have not buy anything for the Chinese New Year that is just one week away. And it seems that most of the people has not done that as well. Babe and I actually started our shopping since Friday night, right after work. Initially, we wanted to go on Thursday night but was feeling lazy. So, decided to just go back and eat at home.

On Friday, we went to Ikea, mainly just to see what is available on sale there for Chinese New Year. We were there last weekend but the place was simply to crowded and decided not to join the the crowd. Babe and I was never very much a crowd-people person. In the past, we even take holidays during off-peak season and sacrificing our annual leaves just so that we don't visit places with crowds.

Anyway, I have digress. So we go to Ikea with the intention of getting some CNY decoration and perhaps cookies that Ikea been promoting. Babe was thinking of looking at the threee-sitter-sofa just to compare prices (although he should know very well that Ikea sofas are super pricey compared to out furniture shop). Then lo-and-behold, we see the Paong chair on promotion, usual price RM299, promotion price at the time was RM259. Of course, he have to get it immediately lar.

Actually, I was planning to surprise him next month and get him the chair for valentine's day. But since it was on promotion, I paid for it and told him, "For valentine ah!" hahaha.... But I can see he was pretty happy and excited about the chair. What more, 25 years warranty, not bad. There was also a dining table on promotion for member, i.e. Ikea credit card owner lar. Less by RM100 and been looking for a affordable dining table anyway. So, applied for the card and the people at the counter agreed to let us use the counter card since my card will take 2-3weeks to process.

Saturday, I woke up early, babe slept till about 11am. After that, I basically bully him into waking..oops, I mean seduce and persuade (?) him to wake up because we need to go Taman Megah to meet one of my ex-colleague in Kuching. He just got a new job in KL and came last Saturday with his wife and kids. So, I thought I better intro him to places to find Sarawak food!HAHAHA! Crazy me!

After that, we went to CArrefour at Subang. As expected, the place is so crowded that we basically have no mood to buy anything. So, after that, went to the Harvey Norman electrical warehouse sales. We were hoping that there is affordable microwave at superb bargain. Instead, there were ABSOLUTELY nothing interesting to us. The so call electrical warehouse sales were basically selling LCD tv and sound systems. Babe thinks they are trying to get rid of their old stocks. So, nothing interesting there except seeing a young lady suddenly fainting right in front of us! No idea why but since so many people around to help her, babe and I proceed to our car.

We decided to go to Giant at Kota Damansara after that. Told you we were crazy. From one hypermarket to another. We went to the 2nd floor first to scout for electrical goods. We were debating whether to get an oven or a microwave. In the end, we decided not to get the oven since will seldom use it. Most likely will only bake once in a blue moon! Instead, we decided to save up to get a good quality microwave.

Then, it was off to the supermarket downstairs to get the goodies. Since have decided not to get the oven, then no baking, which mean that we need to BUY the cookies for cny. Giant have pretty large selection but not in the type that I want. Bought plenty of titbits though and I am pretty sure babe will be having lots of fun with them!

Today, Sunday, again I woke up early, around 9am and decided to go the wet market this week instead of next week in hope that the crowd this week will not be too bad. I should have known that if I think of it this way, others will have the same idea too. The market was so crowded that at some part, you actually stand still for a few minutes just to wait for the human traffic jam to clear up. Since I was alone, I just got whatever that we needed and moved on.

By the time I am done with the marketing, my arms and fingers are sore from carrying so many kilos! So much so that I am starting to wish that I accepted babe offer to buy me those trolley that people use to go market with. Then I wish that I bullied babe to wake up and go to the market with me. But all those wishing was too late. Instead, I take a deep deep breath, stopped a few times to put the heavy plastic bags on the floor and take another deep breath, pick up the bags and move on to my car.

There were actually plenty of things to see at the market but instead of taking my time and checking out for good bargains, I just buy what I can see and breeze on home. Once home, I discovered that babe woke up a few moments after I went out. Geez, if I known that, I would have bullied him to wake up and go with me. More fun to go together than alone mar! At first, I thought I will cook us American brunch but babe have other ideas it seems. He wants banana leaf rice that I have been promoting to him!

After that, somehow, he managed to convinced me to go 1U. I cannot even remember why we decided to go 1U. All I know is that he wanted to go there but I was lazy. So, he found ways to convinced (tricked lar) me to go again! Sheeshhhhh.... Always like that. The reason I was lazy to go was because there were still alot of housework to do mar. And then there was his ironing to do for him. Where got mood to go for long walks at the malls lar? Anyway, didnt really go out super late.

Reached the parking at the apartment around 5.30pm. Saw some orang asli staying in the protected jungle near our place selling durians at the roadside. Since no reason to be on a super strict diet and not having durians for so long, bought some. And at the same time, ask the orang asli if she do not mind plucking me a bundle of tapioca leaf this coming Saturday. To my joy, she agreed! So, next week, I can cook the tapioca leaf with pork.

Will be having bbq on cny eve at one of babe's friend's place. So, will be bringing that and also pork for bbq. Am thinking whether want to bring some mixed vegetable as well. We will still cook some food at home to eat during lunch and mainly as a symbol of abundance for the new year. Planning to steam fish, mixed vegetable, some kind of pork dish, fried or roast chicken (maybe get one for 1u?), prawn, roast duck if if I can find any. Perhaps I will go to the wet market again in next Saturday just to get those roasted food stuff and fish.

Right, enough for now. 10.30pm already. Almost time to sleep :)

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