Thursday, January 8, 2009

Talk About Small Talks

First week back to work on a new year is ALMOST over...YEAH!!!! Although this morning was not such a good morning as well. For the second day in a row, I fell asleep in the car while babe was driving me to work. I have never done that before especially since the distance between my house and office is only about 20minutes away. It was not just a shut-eye-for-awhile thing either. I really slept and jolt awake suddenly.

Then, I realised I forgotten to put on my wedding. Babe forgotten his too. We have a habit of taking off our rings before showering because the rings slips off easily when our fingers are slippery. Yar, it was abit too big for us. We realised that it is too big the day after our wedding but we were too stubborn to go back to the goldsmith to resize it. Anyways, like this???? Nevermind lar, we pretend we are singles for today:P

Sorry abit crazy early in the morning. Just finished having my oat breakfast and now sipping my rich steaming hot coffee with coffeemate. Wondering what else to blog about. I am actually fresh out of ideas. I am sure you all are not interested to know about the details of the wedding right? Oh you are????? Well, tell you about it next posting. I think I need some time to recollect and blow the clouds out of my head. Still fuzzy and surreal :P

Let's talk about something else for now *wink*. Wanna know what I am going to have for lunch? Nevermind, I will tell you anyway!! Taaa daaaaaaa:

Yup, it is what you think it is. Two raw eggs and indomee in a container. Going to cook all this in the microwave later. I wonder if the whole office will smell of the indomee spice after that? Hhhmm, never, the better for me to tempt people with.

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