Monday, January 19, 2009

Nonsense Mini Rambling

Doing a little random rambling here since I am waiting for the time to go home. Took this picture at the 1 Utama new wing. They have very nice big decoration during Xmas, about 2 storey high I think. And then took everything down and make this for Chinese New Year. It was really nice and very creative. Something different than the usual stuff. I think they were trying to re-create the view from a palace looking out into the mountains?

Anyway, recently, babe and I keep forgetting to wear our wedding ring. The ring was actually abit too loose for the both of us. So, when we want to shower, we will usually remove the ring and leave it on the table. We dont want it ti slip from our soapy finger and then have to waste time to hunt for it all over the place bah. I think alot of our colleagues also not aware of the change of our marital status. Only those that we are close with knew. I wonder if I will shock people if they suddenly see I am pregnant next year! hahaha!!

I just can't resist taking picture of my 'occupied' finger just to remind myself that I am married. Seriously, I sometimes forget that I am actually someone's wife now. It seems that the first questions that most of my single friends ask me is, So? How is married life? To which I responsed, Same as before! I actually teased babe and say what is the point of getting married ah? No difference ler.... HAHAHA! But babe super naughty lar..He agrees and say dont know why this crazy woman follow him all the way to KL! HHMPF!!

OK! Sooooo here is the proof that I did actually get married when I go back to Kuching. Although I shouldnt need this as proof since I will 'feel' it the moment I check my bank account balance. I see the money grow wings and flying off into the sky!~

P/s: I TOLD you that it is nonsense mini rambling: :P

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