Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday morning.....

SATURDAY!! Home and waiting to meet up with one of my ex-colleague from Kuching who moved to KL to work with his family. Was suppose to meet up at 11.30am but sms to say that they will be half hour late. When I call him, found out that they are still at the hotel. So, definitely NOT half hour. hehehe.. Guess he need to get use to the not-so-near distance between places compared to Kuching. It has always been a joke that no matter where you are in Kuching, you can get to your next destination within half hour.

Anyway, woke up at 8.30am today! Yap, Saturday and I woke up so early~>_<~. Found that nowadays I cant seem to sleep later than 9.30am anymore. No matter how hard I try or how late I sleep the night before, still wake up at 9.30am. I actually slept at 2-3am!!! SOOO SAD!! Used to be able to sleep till 2-3pm! That was of course during college years where somehow there is never enough time to sleep.

One week to CNY. Still not bought any goodies! Guess we need to go somewhere and get some. Or else later our friends visiting us will just be staring at our four walls! Tommorrow will need to go the wet market, alone if babe cant or wont wake up to stock up the freezer. Not willing to go next weekend when there will definitely be lots and lots of people around. Right, thats all for now. Wanna go cuci kereta (wash car!) :P


Rose said...

cuci kereta? my car has not been washing since last Dec before NY. Cham!! Weather is not that kind on us in Kch!

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
Same here but been extremely hot this weekend. So we make the most of it. The car, cannot oredi, too dirty..can draw painting on it oredi..