Monday, January 12, 2009


YAWN!! I HATE MONDAY! I know I said this before or something similar to this but I can't help but say it again, I HATE MONDAY!!!! Not much motivation to come to work today except for the fact that it will help to make it another closer to the Chinese New Year holiday on 26 & 27 Jan, meaning that we will be having 4 days weekend. Not taking any leave since not going back for CNY. Just babe and me this year.

Although, I do wonder if the company going to announce last minute that we shut down from 28 to 29 Jan. Then, I will have the whole week off! Babe of course, will only have the Monday and Tuesday. I doubt the company will announce any shutdown for maintenance or anything like that. They cant let the workers idle and nothing to do for a week. In fact, during CNY holidays, I think the factory is still in production.

So, if my company do announce shutdown, I will be by myself for three days without any transport since babe will be driving the car to work.Maybe I should start pestering him again to teach me how to ride his motorbike. At least I can still ride to the nearest shop for grocery shopping or something like that. Better than being stucked at home. Alternatively, I can always walked. I think it is about 20minutes walk from the apartment to the nearest shop. Going to the shop I am ok since it is all downhill walk, but coming back, going uphill with all the stuff I bought is not my idea of fun. But if desperate, I guess I will do it lar.

We went for mattress shopping during the weekend. On Saturday, after babe came back from work and rest for a few hours, we went out on a hunt. Saw a lot of advertisements in the newspaper on Saturday for mattress sale and warehouse sales. But we found out that most of the advertisements are gimmick! I guess babe and I should know that something is fishy when the advertisement say that a spring mattress and the headboard and bedframe is for less than RM1000.

Anyway, we end up not getting anything on Saturday. Just did some survey on the prices. We actually managed to get back early enough for me to cook and eat dinner at home. Err..that is if you consider dinner at 9pm early. We are just overwhelmed and still adjusting ourselves back to KL-pricing I guess. So, better to eat at home since we still have food in the freezer and fridge. I guess actually pretty tired by the time we finished dinner and clean up.

Time seems to fly because the next thing I know, it is already pass 12 midnight. The next thing I know, I actually fell asleep on the living room floor. Not sure what time I finally got up and go to the bedroom to continue my sleep. You would have thought that me being so tired and babe having to work on Saturday and sleeping late that night would mean the two of us sleep well pass noon. Guess what, we woke up before 9.30am! We didn't set the alarm or anything like that but somehow, we just automatically woke up.

Babe said it is because we do not have a clock in the room to tell our body that it is still early. But wouldnt that mean that our body have slept all it want and time to get up? If that is the case, how come I am feeling exhausted? Actually, I suspect we feel anxious because we were telling ourselves on Saturday that we have errants to do on Sunday. Hence, our body and mind conspire together and make sure that we wake up in time to the errants. SIGH!! Serves us right for not setting the alarm clock so that our mind can sleep in peace!

Anyway, we finally got our new mattress, a king size pocketed spring mattress. Yesterday, we also went to 1u and bought new bedsheets since the one we have now are all queen size. So, we are not approximately RM2K poorer. No choice lar. The mattress we have now is giving babe backache. He has been suffering for a few months already but because we worry that we do not have enough for the wedding, dare not spend on it yet till after the wedding.

I am debating whether to buy a oven or not. My hand is so itchy and want to start baking something especially the pineapple tart, melting moments and cheddar cheese cookies. I already bargain with babe and he said ok to get the oven! So, I am going to go oven hunting next weekend and start baking up a storm! Then babe can be my tester as usual lar! Yahoo!! Cant wait to get it started. All those cookies in nice see thru container, drooling just thinking of it!


Gallivanter said...

We all hate Mondays and thank Fridays. I also hate Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday too! :-)

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Galli,
HAHAHA! I dont reli mind Thurs because it mean that Friday is just round the corner. Tuesday is not too bad because by then I would have no more energy after hating Monday so much. Wednesday already no feel because already looking for Friday!!! hahahahaha...cham lar like this. Every come to work, wait for lunch time, after lunch, wait for go back time. Then repeat itself again the next day! hehe

Dav DiDi said...

Hhmmm .. i want to learn bike too ... but .. guysssss... keep asking me to learn how to push the bike ... push around up down and still ask me to learn pushing the bike .. hhmmppffff

JenJen's Place said...

HAHAHAHA! Push the bike around wont help u learn how to ride the motorbike ler :P

Carlos said...

Hi! Care to x-link? I have added you already in my list. Have a nice day!

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Carlos,
Welcome. Will hop over soon..

Rose said...

My Mondays are always blue! Yesterday even worse. hahaha! Check out my Monday and weekend on my blog.

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
Ok..will hop over later.

twosuperheroes said...

You're probably gonna hate me for this but I don't work on Mondays! Haha.. :p

JenJen's Place said...

WAH LAU!! How did you managed that? So u have 4work day a wk? Can you persuade my mgt to do tat too but still give me the same pay as now???? CAN CAN CAN???