Friday, January 30, 2009

Hair, Food and Feast

FINALLY (!!), it is Friday! Has been a slow week so far eventhough only have 3 work day. Most of the colleagues are still on leave and will only be back next week. Even the road are super clear as most people are still on their vacation or in their hometown. Nothing much going on last few days since almost all my customers and suppliers are off for the CNY too. There are some work pending but I cant do much since the person that needs to issue the orders are on leave too. As I said, it has been a super slow week.

In fact, so slow that I actually take the time to put on the make up once I am at the office. Hopefully K remembers to bring the curler and I can play around with it this weekend. Since it is temporary curls, I dont think babe will object to it. He is usually pretty liberal with how I dress as long as it is appropriate. He dont even mind if I wear low cuts as long as I am with him (to protect me konon-nya! :P). But when it comes to my hair, he prefer that I keep it long and straight without any colors in them! Yah..I know...BORING!!!!

Which is why I am going to try and create some temporary curls. Gonna make those body perms, ie. big curls at the bottom half of the hair. Truth be told, I also dont really dare to go for permanent perm. I mean, what if I dont like it? And what if I like it at first and diligently maintain it but one day decided that I am sick of it? Does this mean that I go to the saloon for straightening? And how will all this effect my hair? Will it damage the hair? And so on and so on...

Lots of questions. In the end, still go for the temporary perms is the safest! Yar yar, COWARD! hahahaha! Dont care lar. At least my hair is natural straight and soft. So, didnt have to spend much on haircare. Only need to use normal anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner. Hhmm, just suddenly ter-thought of something. Does this mean that I need to go get myself hairspray to keep the temporary curls in place? Need to ask SAR later.

Right, enough about my hair! Lets talk about FOOD!!! (GRIN(. I still have lots and lots and lots of titbits and cookies at home. I packed some for babe to bring to work today but again he decided not to bring them today. Instead, will bring them on Monday when another guy come back from his vacation. That way, he can share it with more people. His office now only have 2 other people and there is also not much to do.

I think the house still have 3-4 types of cookies. All store bought. The melting moments aka momo aka ghee balls are gone on the 2nd day of CNY itself. Still plenty of peanuts. Guess they can have another round of beer drinking session with that. Cakes, still have some chocolate cheesecake and no-bake cheesecake. I dont really like either but babe say he wants to eat the no-bake cheesecake. Keropok, I didnt fry since I dont have any container to keep them. So, those can keep. Soft drinks and beer still have plenty too but those can keep for another round.

Babe is already thinking about hosting Chap Goh Meh (i.e. the 15 day of the Chinese New Year which marks the end of the new year celebration). I am having a hardtime to decide whether to have simple steamboat, bbq OR to cook again like the CNY eve feast. Frankly speaking, I am super lazy and might just tell babe to go for the steamboat. Actually Chap Goh Meh is suppose to be simple dinner to mark the end of 15days of food binge and procrasination. But it is nice to have friends gather around and basically just have fun. Maybe I ask babe to have it 1 day earlier on Sunday so that I can recuperate on Monday, 9 Feb which is a public holiday here in Selangor.


headsteadi said...

This coming Monday is a holiday for us working in KL (Hari Wilayah). Following Monday also PH (Thaipusam). Syiokkkk!

JenJen's Place said...

~>_<~ Not fair!!! How can this wk is 3day wk, next wk n the wk after is 4 day wk.........

Rose said...

At least u got holiday there! There arent any here! Now who should be the one saying not fair??? Unfair!

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
Hehehe! ok..u win! :P