Friday, January 9, 2009


WEeEeEeEeeeeeeeee FRIDAY!!!!! Looking forward to this day even before the week starts! After the long break from work going back to my hometown to get hitched, I am seriously thinking of switching my career and becoming a full-time-housewife (FTH). Of course, for now, that is just say say only lar. Even when my babe earn enough to support the both of us, I don't think I can tahan just sit at home without much social interaction. Even the idea of just socialising with other FTH or his friends sound simply too..ermm..depressing! I need more stimulation that babe *grin*.

Anyway, too early to think such serious thought today. Since it is Friday, I will tell you my activities after THE DAY. Although, Friday have absolutely nothing to do with why I am telling you what I did after being hitched, I just feel like making it sound as if it does! HEHEHEHE! So, if you are abit sick of me ranting on, I warning you, this should be another long post! So here goes....

We actually checked in a hotel on 29 Dec (THE DAY) and stayed for two nights. The first night was of course THE DAY night. I know where you guys are thinking and the direction you think this is going! Well, to tell you the truth, I drank a wee bit too much (ok! ok! DRANK ALOT!) and can hardly keep my eyes open that night. After we got back from dinner, all I can do is take off my fake eyelashes, contact lense and get into my oversize t-shirt and SLEEP!

I dare not even move my head too much because that would mean the room will start to spin out of control (or maybe that was me spinning???hhmm..) and whatever food that I managed to eat for the day threaten to jump out of my throat. So, we slept till 11am the next day. Then dad called us for breakfast/brunch. Cannot remember what we had. I think it was bak kut teh at Grandma @ Rock Road. Or was that another time? Geez, really cannot remember lar.

All I can remember is that after THE DAY, I remember eating so much that I thought I will not be able to fit into my work clothes when I come back to KL. In fact, there were so many dinners, party and bbq before the day also that I was worried I couldnt fit into my wedding gowns. But all the rushing around and stress must have burn lots of calories because the gown was actually slightly loose, which surprised me because I actually asked the seamstress at the bridal shop to make it really snug when I went for fitting in KL.

Let me see, I remember getting my bro to bring us for supper immediately after picking us up from the airport but I didnt eat because already ate on the plane. The next day was dinner at Lok Thian. The day after that was dinner at one of babe's auntie's place for his cousin's baby 1yr-old birthday. Then after that is bbq at my house because dad been wanting one but since I was not around, no one wanted to help him get it started. So, waited till I am back.

Then after that, it was all a blur. I remember I cooked dinner a few times at home, eating a few brunch and have a few plates of kolo mee. I remember having kampua with pork soup at Kota Sentosa's Jolly cafe and babe ate kueh chap but dont remember which day it was lar. Also, dad and mom bought live mud crab with we steam bake it for dinner! Err what else ah? hhm..I didn't have a single bowl of laksa because I cooked that the week before we go back to Kuching.

We had a few bowls of bak kut teh also when we were there. Also went to RH for bbq steamboat. Damn nice but super oily. His cousin say it is like eating oil! HAHA! Dad bought us to Akasu for roast pork, yap the whole piglet with its crunchy skin and tender meat! I know there are a few more meals that I missed but right now, just cant think of what lar. I think I should have taken photos hor? Then can look back at the photos and timestamp to recall. Oh well, nevermind. There is always a next trip. Already have a returned ticket booked for Jul when AirAsia was giving out the free fare when they remove the fuel surcharge.


twosuperheroes said...

so have you started making babies, jen? Hahaaa.. :p

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Twosuperheroes,
aiyehh...dun wan babies yet...time to enjoy married life first:P
When ur turn lar?