Sunday, January 25, 2009

Early morning in CNY eve

10.09am, sitting in my livingroom in a daze. Thinking whether I should go back to sleep or chop up the stuff and prepare them to cook later in the evening. At this moment, I am tempted to just sit here and do nothing. I might be more awake and myself in awhile after my hot tea and crackers, I hope. Can't blame me for feeling so blur. I woke up at 7.30am. I know I know, you might say so what but I only went to bed at 3.30am! So, that is about 4 hours of sleep?

Actually, I woke up 10min before 7.30am. How I know? Because I set the alarm to wake up at 7.30am but before the alarm goes off, I am wide awake! So, off I go to the wet market at bandar menjalara. Bought whatever I need. I thought by going super early, I can (1) avoid the car traffic jam and easier to find parking, (2) avoid the human jam and have more leisure in buying the stuff and (3) more choice and hence better choice. But guess what,it is only true for number 1.

By the time I arrive the wet market, it was already 7.45am. At first, there were not as many cars around as last week. And so, I thought, ok, this is good. The entire population is not awake yet. OK OK, not entire population but at least 99% is not awake yet right? Little did I know how deceptive it is. People must have either walked from their house nearby or something. The place is so crowded that people are actually pushing each other to get through. The air was so humid and hot that I actually feel like screaming!

So, instead of taking leisure walk through the wet market, I went in, got what I need, and went out! At first, laden with all my shopping list, I wanted to leave the things in the car and then go back for a walk. But after thinking of what I need to do back home today, I thought otherwise and just got into my car and drive home. (Of course, the urgent call to go to washroom helps to make up the mind!! hahaha)

Anyway, babe still sleeping and I still have lots to do. I guess I better get started and chop the garlic, ginger, onions, etc.

p/s: Watching Anthony Bourdain on 707 and he is talking to this guy, a tattoo artist in KL who claim to be a full pledge Iban from Kuching. He enlighten me that Iban is one of the oldest tribe in Malaysia. this is the reason the Ibans or Dayaks are under the category of bumiputra (direct translation prince of land) because they are basically the first few people to be here. And this include the orang asli (direct translation original people). They are the natives of the land. Now I understand better. But this got me thinking, why is that OTHER race (I think you know which one?) that we have here being called bumiputra???? Not being racist lar but just my 2-cent-worth-of-thoughts.


RaiNboW said...

Happy NIU Year, Jen!

JenJen's Place said...

Hi RaiNboW dear..
happy ox yr to u too