Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday: Dress Up Day

Last Wednesday, the girls decided that we should dress up to work today. At the time, I agreed wholeheartedly. After all, its not very often that we get to dress up when coming to work in this company. Most of us will come in jean and tshirt or pants and tops with cardigan. Of course, except for a few, we are mostly makeup-less too. Too lazy to be bothered with all this when your most of your colleagues, especially your lunch dates are also dressed down. Also, I hold firmly that the element of surprise. If everyday wear so nice, then when really need to wear nice, how to surprise people? :P

Anyway, since I was not feeling well, really not in the mood to dress up at all. Actually, last night was already thinking of which dress to wear and whether I will have the energy this morning to put those on and makeup. This morning itself, it took me a long time to decide that I just couldnt be bothered to cover myself with a layer of colors. So, I am here, dress as usual in my pants, tube and cardigan. I know I will be getting a scolding from one (or all) of my colleagues later. Guess I will make it up to them next week!

I was actually tempted to take MC today and just stay at home. When I woke up this morning, my head felt super heavy and I actually doze off while waiting for babe to get ready. But thinking of the work that is still pending, especially the shipments, I think I rather be at the office than at home. At least, I can disturb my colleagues when I am here. Yesterday, when I was awake around 3pm, felt so restless and just simply cannot sit still! But at the same time, no energy to do much. Terrible or not? This is one of the reason I decided to come to work lor today.

Excited to wait for time to go back today. For sure will be happy and feel ALOT better after that! Babe was already asking if we want to go anywhere to get anything tonight. I think we better go to the hypermarket tonight and get what we need. Or else tomorrow will sure be very crowded. In fact, I think tonight itself will be crowded already! Hhmm...shall we go Giant, Carrefour, Tesco or Jusco hor? Or maybe I should just go to the Jusco here and get what I need later during lunchtime?

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