Thursday, January 15, 2009

Babbling for the Day

Aiyoo..CNY is less than 2wks away and guess what I have done only? Buy two deco for the door of the apartment and sticked it on. Then babe this morning asked me, this year is the year of the rat meh? ALAMAK! Err..I bought stickers with cute lil rat holding the banner. I forgot lar have the year of the rat. I bought it because it was cute! Damn! Does this mean that I wasted RM6.80 for nothing? Sheesh...

Dunno how else to decorate the apartment actually. Dont feel like buying things that will only last for the CNY and then have to keep until next year. I would rather get something that is more practical. Even if it is just a pot of plant, at least the plant will makes the place looks fresh and yummy all year round and for the rest of its life right? If I get those willow plant or then after a while, it will just die off. Even the fake ones, after the CNY over, it would look weird to remain in the living room.

Other than that, have not gotten any goodies at all too. Going to go shopping abit with babe this weekend. At first was planning to get an oven if it is cheap especially since Harvey Norman is having its electrical warehouse sales this weekend. But I am feeling half hearted about this eventhough my hands are itching to bake. Cant decide between getting and oven or microwave or both! But if I get both, how often will I use the oven? I know I will be using the microwave more than the oven but the fact is, microwave cant bake complicated nice cakes or cookies!

Also, since we are not going back to Kch this year, we didnt get any new clothes ..yet. But I think I might persuade babe to get himself a nice shirt, something that he has always wanted but didnt get because he feel the things are too pricey. Yar, we are both very careful with our spendings. Alot of things to take care and pay ler. Budget budget....

Sorry for sounding so money minded but my boss said something to me on Tuesday that really makes me wake up. If the current generation goes on as it is now, then, one day, our children's childrens who are university graduates might need to go to China or Taiwan to work as maid. Reason? We are having an economy meltdown with more than 10K people retrenched and out of which 8.5K are Malaysian. WD in Kuching, Sarawak can declare it will close down in Mar09 just like that. And yet, alot of people are still not aware and is not sensitive to the effect of this.

And instead of looking for solutions to prevent this from happening again, some people are still saying: 'No, we are not affected by the economy crisis. No, we are not going to retrench. Our economy is very strong'. Or even better, a call NOT to retrench Malaysian but to retrench the foreigners. Geez! I really shivering with fear at this prospect.

Can you imagine how things would be if one day we wake up and see on the news that our RM no longer have value. Lots and lots of factory shutdown and move to more productive and cost effective country to invest in? Where is the world would our children find job? Even university graduates?

Do you ever wonder how Malaysia can prosper from a third world country to a developing country? But in the recent years, the country development seemed to have stagnant? I have to give credit to my boss for this because I agree with him when he says that is because of the way we think, i.e. our mindset bought about by our culture and upbringing. Our parents and forefathers lives in proverty at the time and hence, they are programmed to work hard to earn a living.

Every cents count in their lives and their aim is to work hard at the best that they can so that the company that they work for will continue to prosper so that they will continue to have a job to do. Young people now are very fortunate because most of us have never endure the true hardship in life. Most of us have never suffer true proverty. We have so much luxury in life that we take things for granted.

College students drive a merc to work? In the pass, being able to go to college was a big thing. Being able to drive a motorcycle to college an even bigger thing. But now, a college kid driving a kancil will feel ashame because his friends will laugh at him for driving a cola-can-on-wheels. This is how insensitive the younger generations are to the situation around them.

Even people in my generations are insensitive. They are encased in their own little shell and thinking that if there is not them, then there will not be a product to sell. But if there is no buyer, even if there is a product, who is going to buy them? And if no one buys them, where will the revenue of the company comes from? Drop from sky? Perhaps lor since our government has been so kind to spoonspeed most of us.

Sorry for being so lenghty and talked alot about this. Like my boss, I am starting to worry not only for my own future but for my childrens and their childrens. If the country's mindset do not change, then, one day it will be true what my boss prophesized, i.e. one day, we will find Malaysian university graduates working as maid in China.....


Anonymous said...

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Rose said...

It is kind of sad of what happen due to economy crisis right? Everywhere, big companies talking about cost cut, i.e. retrenchment etc.

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
Yah..ppl getting worried. I hear not much CNY mood in Kch? The usual seasonally stalls are almost empty? Pretty much the same here too..not much of the cny ambience around.