Friday, May 28, 2010

What to do today?????????

zzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZzzzzzz!!! YAWN!!!! Sleepy but not sleepy. Hmm.. I guess that sounds more like bored than sleepy huh? Woke up around 10am today and just lying around the living room not doing much. Watched some tv and then babe came downstairs too about half hour later. That means time to move the butt and makes some breakfast for the 2 of us. Simple stuff today, coffee & half boiled eggs. Now he is sitting at his computer and me at my office laptop, each doing our own stuff. The Astro is on to channel 735.

We been asking each other the same question since he is awake. The same famous question everytime weekend is here or any public holiday. The question: WHERE WANNA GO TODAY? Never seem to get answered somehow because either we have no idea what we want to do or one of us is feeling lazy and wants to stay at home. Last weekend were movie-catch-up marathon at home. So, not so sure what to do this long weekend.

The thing is, babe had to work half day tomorrow. So, we cant go anywhere far. Was hoping to pursuade him to go Penang initially but as I said, that is not possible la. So, need to think of another to do. I wonder if babe wanna have a gathering at our place since its Gawai (Harvest Festival) 1 Jun. But that would involve money, money that I really should be saving up in case I need them for my business trips this month.

So, basically, we need to decide where to go for window shopping/ people watching. Or would we rather stay at home and watch movies again. Or is there anything that he need to get from anywhere. I am tempted to bake something but babe as usual, throw cold water at me and told me not to do it la because there is only 2 of us and for sure we can never finish the cake.

Last time, when I bake, I know I can bring some to the office to share because the geng would enjoy them. But it is kinda hard to do that now because, well, for one thing, most of my colleagues are Malay and I really am not sure if they would eat the food I cook/bake because they might feel that it is not halal. Sometimes I got this feeling that they eat the home bake I bring just so as not to upset me? So, no joy in sharing there.

And also I dont want to add to the 'stock' in the fridge now...the fridge is so full of cooked food la. Babe la. Everything also want to eat and ask to cook this and that. When I do, he just eat abit. And sometimes, I try to cook in smaller portion so that we dont have leftovers but babe would ask: How come only cook like that? And he will look as if the food is not enough after we finished eating. SHEESH!

Hhmm..which reminds me, I still have lots kee chang in the fridge too! AIYOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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