Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The 500th!!

This is my 500th posting and I AM HAPPY!! YAHOOOO!!!!! MY LEAVE for this Friday has been APPROVED!! YAHOOOO!!!!!!! GO HOLIDAY!!!!!! HAHA

Only 1 blip though, I need to call in at 5pm on Friday for conference call.. but before and after that, I am a free bird! So, I have everything planned out (Cant help it la, I am a planner in my previous life I think or I am borned to be one????). ANYWAY, back to the topic, this is what I have mapped out in my head right now for this long weekend:

Thursday (Yarrr...starts the very night!)
Going to Klang parade right after work to get babe's camera hood (whatever that is)
Go supermarket to get some essentials for the trip (essential: mee-in-mug, sausages, cookies, junkfood & drinks)

Wake up & go menjalara for dim sum breakfast
Babe want to go to the bank at Sri Damansara after that
Leisure drive up to Genting
Check in and lounge happily in our room

Err...ok, not exactly the whole weekend planned out. Just going to enjoy ourselves, gamble a little, outdoor theme park, walk around, eat, people watching and enjoying the fresh cooling air! Babe going to have fun with his camera and his new lense.


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