Thursday, June 10, 2010

My weekend.......

AIYEHH!! The Jakarta air must really not ngam with me la. Been sick since I was back. My flight delayed 2hrs and I only finally reached home at 3am on Friday morning. And the very next morning, I start to feel unwell and sms my boss and tell him I dont think I can come in today. Went to the doctor that evening with running nose, sorethroat and slight fever. Oh, and sweating like crazy. Was worried that it could be H1N1 but the doctor take one look down my throat and told me my tonsils are both swollen and red!

Infection! PHEW! That mean just need to take antibiotics and lots of rest. Hopefully it will go away in a day or 2. The doctor did say in case fever continue after finishing the antibiotic, go straight to the hospital to be tested. Glad that it was not H1N1 (and even happier I got my MC), went home, took the medicine and within 5min, I was dozing on the living room floor. The flu medication was super super strong.

Next day, not feeling much better but not worse either. That evening, babe was planning for a catch up Gawai BBQ gathering at our place. So, we woke up around 9.30am to go market (Actually, babe woke me up instead of the other way round. that was my body telling me to slow down?). Anyway, bought 4kg of three layer pork slab and 3 pcs of pork knuckle. Went home, marinate the three layer pork and left it in the fridge to dry the skin slightly. And start cooking the soya sauce pork leg soup with bitter gourd.

By the time everything is done, its already 4pm-ish. Watch movie and some astro. Then went out to look for ice cube for the drinks in the coolerbox. Feeling abit sad because my geng cant make it. Hence, just babe's geng. Being Gawai, they brought some tuak (rice wine). One of the rice wine was 12years old and it is FANTASTIC! Super smooth and delicious.

The other is from Taee and was informed that there were no sugar added to it. Could have fooled me because it is really nice and smooth. Was informed the sweetness comes from the special yeast that is available only in Taee. Hhmm...I wonder if the next time I go back and purchase the yeast, can I make my own tuak here? HAHA!

Anyway, by around 12.30am, I decided to go for a shower. After shower, suddenly, I just feel extremely tired and exhausted. Again, I guess my body is telling something huh? Anyway, lay in bed for awhile and decided to go down. Told babe I need to sleep and he asked me 'The things how to keep'...can slap him or not? I ask him he cannot keep meh? He must have realised I am ready to collapse and say okay, go sleep. SHEESH! Still want to slap him or not?

So, I went up and guess what? I CANT SLEEP! I just lie in bed and just wouldnt fall asleep! Eventually, at around 3am, I decided to get up and check if everyone has gone home. It seems that I got up just in time to see the last of our guest left. And pleasantly surprised to see the leftover food and kept properly. Just a few last things to keep. Apparently, babe told me the next day that fren's mother help to keep most of the stuff.

By then babe is already tipsy and decided to crash in the living room floor, drunk! Kept the last of the leftovers and managed to pursuade babe to wake up to go sleep upstairs. Suddenly, after going upstairs, babe went to the toilet outside and start to VOMIT! EWWWWWW!!!!!! All the 'cocktail' liquor that goes into his not so young body is making him pay. It is disgusting to see him vomit but kinda funny because he keep telling me to go away because smelly! He even wanted to sleep in the toilet or the spare bedroom because he say he is smelly.Hehe!

Sunday, both of us only woke up around 12noon. Went out for brunch and then came back. Watch a movie and then babe sleep from 3pm till 7pm. Then we went out to ss15 for dinner with his friend and family because they plan to go I-city after that. Both want to play with their camera and was told that the light display at I-city is really pretty.

When we got there, the jam was at least 1.5km away and we had to park at least 1km away because the parking space are all full. All I can say is it is DISSAPPOINTING! Nothing much. Just a place the size of football field with trees made out of lights and some other animal shape made out of lights. Totally boring!! Not worth going and definitely wont go there again! But at least we got 2km walk out of it! HAHA!

P/s: Today is Thursday and I am still have some running nose and cough. My voice is still different but getting more myself. AND dont go to Klinik Araa at Setia Alam, SUPER EXPENSIVE. Just antibiotic, flu medicine and lorenzo cost RM65! CRAZY!


Rose said...

Take care of yourself Jen!

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
Yah. Taking vitamin and drink herbal tea ^_^