Monday, March 22, 2010

10 years!!

Today is EXACTLY 10 years since babe and I started dating. Yep, it was that long ago! Let me see, that would mean I just turned 23 and he 25! Wah, a decade ago. HAHA! And yes, this is going to be a mushy romantic posting. So, if you are allergic to romance, please turn away now and go no further! I will not be responsible for any heartache due to overdose of lovey doveyness! *GRIN*

As I was saying, today is EXACTLY 10 years since we started out as boyfriend and girlfriend. It is rather funny actually how we started. It all started when I have a self declared God-brother. Those were the days when I was still so young and adventurous. So, when this godbro of mine said he knows someone that his gut is telling him is the one for me, I just couldnt resist. After all, what is the harm? No harm to 'adopt' godbro#2.

Anyway, as much as I like to say that it was love-at-first-sight, well, it of sort. Babe had this really goofy cute panda look at the time. Due to the nature of his job then, he has this panda eyes (nice way of saying puffy dark eye bag la!! :P) So, we chatted and talked. Then chatted some more after I go back.

I remember one really funny incident where he called me super late at night and I must be in my REM sleep because I do not remember it at all the next day until he told me when I complained why he didnt call as he had promised last night. That was we just started to get to know each other. Talk about embarrassing things yah!

Anyway, from then on, we actually went out a few times without my godbro or his friends knowing. (The first few times were godbro bringing me to join them at parties). We of course being sneaky and not everyone else getting a free show from our romance, decided not to tell them until one fateful day. By then, his cousin was suspecting something is up because he would dressed up (well dressed better than usual lar) when going out.

*Smiling & sighing contently* OK OK! Enough la. Later you guys start to vomit from all the sweetness! HAHA! Just want to share my happiness & contentment abit ^_^

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