Sunday, May 30, 2010

Short talk: Business Idea....

Just a short one.. Babe said something really getting to my head since then. Got me thinking seriously about things but at the same time still climb that career ladder. Oh, before I continue babbling, let me tell you what babe said. As usual, we were thinking of where to have our dinner after window shopping at the new mall near Subang Parade. We were talking about German Pork Knuckle for awhile and we were thinking of going for it last night. But after driving around and not knowing where we can find one near Subang, babe said: Dont know what to eat. We can do nicer at home on our own.

I went: HUH? Oh, so you mean the food I make is nicer than most people?

HAHAHA! That is really nice compliment coming from your husband dont you think?

Anyway, got me thinking, perhaps I should start selling the Special Crispy Pork Log and German Pork Knuckle online. Then I only make to order. The person can then collect or deliver for a small price. Just thinking how to go about doing this.

If I am still in my old company, I can just bring some to office and share but current office, 90% are Muslim (and I am the only Chinese in my department), so, that idea is definitely out! Maybe facebook????? Any1 have any ideas?

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