Saturday, March 20, 2010


Not doing much now. Waiting for babe to wake up from his nap. He has to work today, half day. So, I took the opportunity this mornign to sleep and have the bed all to myself!! Maybe I shouldnt be saying this but sometimes it is nice to have that big king size bed all to myself! Not that I dont enjoying having my babe sleeping next to me. In fact, most of the time, if he is not sleeping with me, I just cant sleep. But occassionally, and rarely, I do feel like spreading my arm and throwing my legs all over the bed and have it all to myself! Gals out there, dont tell me you never had this feeling before! *GRIN*

ANYWAY, enough of me babbling about my selfish act. So, here I am, sitting downstairs on my own in the living room while babe is upstairs having his nap in the aircon bedroom. The sky outside is starting to look cloudy and dark. But the air is still hot and humid as it has been the last few weeks. Not sure what the world is turning to because the weather is extremely unpredictable. Hot one moment and then rain like crazy for less than half hour. And then starts to be superhot again! Thank God I do not have to work under the sun like some unfortunate people.

I hope babe will wake up early enough instead of sleeping till 7-8pm. We are suppose to go out for dinner at 1 Utama! Tomorrow is my birthday mar!! So, I told him my wish is to eat at Shogun for our dinner. At first, I thought we will go tomorrow but he say tomorrow have his team playing wor! Basically that mean he will be glued to the tv from dont know what time. And this will also basically mean I will have some time to read my book la! So, I dont really mind.

But but but.. I been thinking of going for Shogun for so so so so long but babe always say dont want to go because it is not worth the money. Normally I would agree but occassionally, need to pamper ourself la. On top of that, babe also love Japanese food. He never like raw fish last time but since he came to KL few years back, he developed a extreme liking to sashimi! Even more than me. He can gulp down raw salmon like it was nothing!

And at Shogun, I happen to think their sashimi are one of the freshest that I tasted. And also the range of choice of Japanese food, sushi, sashimi, tenpayaki, cooked food and so forth, really really really mind boggling. Trust me when I say you will not be able to try everything in 1 sitting :)

The sky is getting darker as I typing and air is slightly cooler now although still humid. I think I will sign off now and concentrate 100% on the tv now. Will post some photos later if we do get to go to Shogun :)

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