Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sarawak Layer Cake

Have not bake anything in more than 2 months! Did the usual cooking for babe & myself but nothing special enough that I want to post here. But looking through Sumuk blog on baking Sarawak cake lapis makes me tempted to bake again. As I was saying, I been tempted to try my hand on those really intricate and artsy layer cake that seems to originated from Sarawak. Dont the photos just tempt you to eat them?!?

I guess I just need to kick my ass and makes myself do it. But the thing is, most of the recipe requires at least 20 eggs to make a 8"x8" square trays. And not the whole of the 20 eggs are used. Some recipe require 20 egg yolk and just 4 egg white. What in the world am I going to do with the remaining 16 egg white? Make the no flour chocolate cake? Hhhmm, that is another thought. Let me sleep on that for a few days. HAHA!

Just this for now...yar..short now..hehe.