Sunday, June 27, 2010

1 day only? GAWD!

Oh dear! It seems that everytime I update my blog nowadays, I start with apologizing for the infrequent update nowadays. Simply too lazy to do it. Sometimes, I do have the sudden inkling to want to share my current life with everyone but somehow, the urge just passed by. It seems to be much simpler to just type a few words in the facebook to let friends and families know what I been up to nowadays. But once in awhile, mind you, very occassionally, I do just am able to sit my butt down in front of a laptop or PC to type one of my super duper long posting.

So, let me what has been happening first. After the trip to Jakarta, my next trip was actually to the Batam Island for a day trip via Singapore! Yah, you read right, DAY TRIP. Basically, what this means is me waking up at ungodly hour of 5am and left the house on a taxi at 5.30am to go to LCCT. Catch my flight to Singapore and from Changi Airport, fight my way (err..not really fight la but it does feel like a battle when venturing into unknown alone)..fight my way to the Habourway Jetty to take my ferry across to Batam Island.

I, of course, thinking to safe company some money (and with great sense of adventure), decided to take the train from the airport to the jetty! Thank god at the airport, there is the traveller center where there are friendly people to provide maps and precise instruction which train to get on, station to get off and reboard on another train and where the final stop. I had to change train twice (!!) before finally on the right train bound for the jetty.

At the jetty, unknown to me, the counters are actually in a shopping mall and so is the departure counter AND custom since I am basically going out of Singapore into Indonesia. Anyway, I landed at Singapore airport at around 9.30am and only finally reached the jetty departure hall at 11am, i.e. 1/5hours later. (Later, I found out that if I have taken the taxi, I would have been at the place in 30min!!)

Jetty took 1hour to reach Batam Island(Left at 11.30am Singapore time, reached at 11.30am Indonesia-time. Cool huh? But my bodyclock all screwed up!! HAHA!). Despite the heavy downpour, the ferry was relatively smooth ride. Reached Batam jetty, my colleague and customer picked me up and we went for lunch before going to the customer office (NOTE: Lunch in Indonesia). The meeting was until 2.30pm and we race back to the jetty so that I can catch the 3.30pm ferry back to Singapore so that I can get to the airport on time to catch my flight back to KL.

I reached Singapore jetty at 5.30pm (I lost 1 hour due to time zone difference) and decided to walk around the shopping center for awhile to see if anything interesting. Then feeling super tired, follow the sign to the taxi stand at 6pm. I finally reached the airport at 6.45pm because it is the traffic peak time in Singapore and traffic jam (but trust me, the jam is nothing compared to the one in Jakarta!)

Checked in and then my silly stomach complained rather loudly. I remember a sign pointing to foodcourt when I was walking around like an idiot this morning looking for help to get to the jetty. Anyway, I found it and am super duper happy! Why? Because it is non-halal!! And I also found pork bun in a bakery! WAHAHAHAHA! A big big big happy thing for non-muslim Malaysian because basically almost EVERYWHERE here is halal food!

I finally home at around 11.30pm that day. And as I described my trip to hubby, I suddenly realised that I had my breakfast in Malaysia, lunch in Indonesia and dinner in Singapore. All in less than 20hours! This is definitely something that I wont ever forget.

Next trip? 29-30 Jun will be in Pekanbaru, Indonesia. 17-21 Jul will be in Kuching (Yeahhh!!!). 5 Jul on leave because want to clear the leave in lieu (we are awarded 1 day off for public holidays that fall on Saturday but we need to clear it within 1 month from the holiday date or else burn). 9-11 Jul will be at a camp half way up Genting for teambuilding. 2 Jul will be having dinner at KLCC for the customer appreciation nite organise by Sales and Marketing. 7 Jul is dad's birthday. And I think I am suppose to arrange a trip to either Surabaya or Medan (or both!) in Jul too. 

Not sure if I can survive it but I sure hope my new staff will be on board soon. I am up to my brain with all the work. DROWNING DROWNING!!!! Ashame to say that lots of work behind schedule but I just cant find the time. I mean, at the end of day, by 8pm, after having worked for more than 10hours, how the hell want to think and concentrate ah?? 

MY GAWD! The long posting and it is only talking about 1 day trip! Wait till y about I post my 2 or 3 days trips! HAHAHAHA!!

p/s: They finally remembered not yet give me my confirmation letter and I am expecting to receive it from HR anytime soon. Frankly, I dont know if this is good news or not because it means that once receiving the confirmation letter, I will need to provide 3 months notice if I ever got a better offer elsewhere vs the 2 weeks now :P


Rose said...

ahahha! 2 countries in a day, having lunch and dinner. Not bad!

JenJen's Place said...

Hi SL,
Yar,cool huh? Dont think I will ever get to do that again anytime soon though.

Go visit ur shop when I back in Kch! :)