Sunday, May 23, 2010

Saturday & Sunday......

Good morning! Oops, should be good AFTERNOON! HAHA! Didnt realised it is already 1pm. Just finished having brunch with babe and now sitting in front of the tv, me surfing the the internet and updating my blog. Babe busy flipping channels as usual which I sometimes finds really irritating but since I am not watching now, I don't mind ;p

Breakfast was simple American-style: Bacon, egg, sausage & bread with coffee. Yah! Very very very very unhealthy but since we only does this once in a few weekends, then should be ok right? Anyway, we usually had it for brunch, so save us a meal.

Had done lots today actually before babe woke up. I woke up at around 10am. Wish I could have sleep in longer since I went to babe 2.30am this morning. But no matter how, I cannot seem to sleep longer than 8 hours nowadays unless super tired or sick. So, I woke up and look around the messy living room and kitchen, decided to build that Ikea rack that babe and I bought a few weeks ago.

Then, rearrange my kitchen so that the things on the new rack. Now I can display the nice pyrex and bowl on the top rack. 3rd rack is filled with cups and bottles. Then rd rack still empty. Havent decided if I should open the boxes of dinner plates and put it there or just leave it in the box. I think I will just leave them there for easier move in the future (since I doubt we will stay here forever. Aiming to get our own place but still searching for one that allows us NO downpayment! :P)

Still thinking of whether want to go out or not today. Yesterday we went out around 5pm to Carrefour to stock up some can food and stuff since we have not done that for a while. After that we tried to go to makan at the place that my customer brought me the other day but too dark to find. End up, we had crab and tofu near the chinese restaurant near our place.

After dinner, went to the night market because we wanted to get that mop that you can twist at the bottom to dry out the water. Luckily, we were just on cue because it was the last they have with them last night. Rather cheap too, RM10 for one. Almost the same price as the normal mop or it is cheaper than some? (Want to mop the house but I am waiting for babe to vacuum the floor first :P share share marrrrrr)

Oh yar! I also bought bamboo leaves and some glutinous rice. Want to make some kee chang today. The glutinous rice has been soaking whole night and after this, going to go check and see if the bamboo leaves are soft enough to wrap. I am still debating whether to make my version of bak chang or not, i.e. with lots waterchestnut, salted egg yolk, lean pork and mushroom. HHMM....I wonder where I can find salted egg yolk at this time?


vialentino said...

yeah...the crab is delicious....i also can hadly sleep 8 hrs now...maybe our metabolisme too powerful and active...kekeke

JenJen's Place said...

Elo Vialentino
Dun u envy ur lil stalone? HAHA! Guess, u r rite, we just dun wanna waste our life sleeping it away unlike when we were younger? ^_^