Sunday, August 15, 2010

Under the Bridge Bak Kut Teh

Saturday morning, babe and I actually woke up at 9.30am eventhough we only went to bed around 2.30am. Guess we just excited about our plan for the morning. The previous weekend, when we were going to Jusco at Bukit Tinggi, we happen to see the signboard for the famous bak kut teh under the bridge, as it is so well known for. We were caught in a jam while crossing the bridge and that is the first time we noticed it. Hence, you might say it is a blessing in disguise.

We arrived around 11.30am. Yah, I know entire 2 hours but not because the place is that far but rather because babe likes to take his sweet time during weekend morning to drink his coffee first, check the internet before we go out from the house. (oh, not forgetting his toilet business!) WAHAHA!

Anyway, not sure how to order, we looked around and decided to try 2 bowl first, i.e. medium lean meat with small intestine (big) and pork knuckle (small) with 2 plate of red onion rice. We are abit surprised because this is the first time we have bak kut teh that is served in bowl instead of claypot. Babe really love the taste because he say the soup tasted almost like the one we had in Kuching. We end up ordering another big bowl of pork knuckle with large intestine because the portion is rather small. Babe ordered extra serving of rice and also yau cha kueh.

The medium fatty pork with small intestine. Lots of meaty part and the small intestine have those yummy insides.

Pork knuckles - Super soft and the tendon have just right consistency

Pork knuckles with big intestine - err..or what is left of it! :P

Big big big thigh bone...err..actually not on our table..we didn't order this because I don't know how to order it. This is the bone from our neighbour table. I curi-curi take photos and then zoom in..kekekekekeke

This are the bones left by babe!

The bridge we are sitting under... Babe say the Red Chilli Pepper was here at the Bak Kut Teh, that is why the name of the shop is called 'Under the Bridge' (ROLL MY EYES!)

See the cook... big big banner everywhere that tells everyone the shop is in business for 70 years already and is apparently the first bak kut teh shop in Klang.

In case you are interested, the opening hours and telephone contact

The famous people that been here


Total paid RM29.80, not inclusive of tea because I brought my own. All in all, the bak kut teh was okay la. I tasted better ones I think. Only thing slack is it is not hot enough after a while because its in a bowl. Also, really alot of msg!! Was really really really thirsty the WHOLE day eventhough I drank gallons of water. So, will I go back again? Probably not. Got equally nice bak kut teh ( or better) near where I am staying now.

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