Friday, January 22, 2010


Row row row your boat
Mary heard a scream
Throw the teacher overboard
Then you hear a scream

hahaha..perverted rewrite of the script! :P

Woke up really early this morning at around 7am this morning and just go back to sleep already after making babe his breakfast. After lazing around in bed till around 7.45am, decided to forget trying to fall back to sleep. At first, I was thinking of mincing the pork that I have in the freezer after it thaw.

But then, was thinking, why not just go to the Klang wet market and buy 'kampung' chicken and cook that packet of Uncle Sun abalone chicken herb soup we bought a couple of weeks ago (damn expensive by the way, 1 pkt for RM9.50 and cook one time only). And since I am at the wet market, might as well just get the mince pork there and save me the trouble of mincing my own (Yaaaaaa, lazy la!!).

I also had a sudden craving. Havent had one in more than 1 month. Last time, while still working at the old place, I would have thosai at least twice a week for breakfast! And sometimes during weekend, even go with babe to the mamak shop nearby for thosai garing. Now, there is simply no nice mamak shop near our place here.

Anyway, had thosai telur and teh tarik and off to the wet market. The wet market was nice! Not as many people compared to during the weekends which makes it a rather pleasant experience, horrible smell aside! Also bought a tray of large eggs for RM9, 5 pieces of tauhu for RM1.20, 1 bundle of chives for RM2 and RM10 worth of minced pork. I find things generally are cheaper in Klang compared to Sri Damansara area.

When I got home, I think I went abit overboard because feel guilty for leaving babe to have lunch alone while I go meet my friends for lunch, I cooked 4 dishes:

Omelette stuffed with minced pork & chives


Steamed minced pork

Abalone chicken soup

But guess what, babe DID NOT come back for lunch eventhough I sms him and told him that I cooked lots of food at home. Sheesh...although not wasted because we can have it for dinner, I was dissappointed lor because I rushed to make sure I cooked them before I go out! Just goes to show that you can plan but...


Dav DiDi said...

Abalone chicken soup .. this one make me wanna go home eat and skip yoga today ..

Rose said...

well, plans never go according to what you want. Jen, I have not been cooking since this year....cham!! it shows how busy I am at work and with the kids! Usually hubby the one who cooks. Bcos between taking care of kids and cooking for the family, he opts for the obvious one :p

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Didi,
HAHA! Nice wor!!

John cook & u watch the kids ha? HEHE!