Thursday, January 21, 2010


Lalalalala...Tomorrow not working! Tomorrow not working! No need to check the calender lar. Tomorrow is not weekend, only Friday. Not working because after the follow up with the doctor today, he decided to give me another day off and hence, the whole of 2 weeks not working since last Monday. Last week was no fun at all obviously because of the pain. But I must say, except from the sore back and thigh after walking or sitting for 2 hours or more, I actually had a pretty relaxed week.

On Monday, decided to pick up 'geng' and went for blr (banana leaf rice laaaa, not base lending rate *grin*) for lunch. Had been thinking of it for ages since moving to Setia Alam area. Finally decided not to wait for Friday in case the doctor says I am fit to go back to work on Friday. Normally we will go on Friday because then we can have Indian dessert called payasam. It is an acquired taste. Sort of like a combination between sweet bubur caca and spices. Drooling just thinking about it. I wonder if I can tempt the guys to go there tomorrow..hhmm...

Anywayyyyyyyyyy, let see la. By tomorrow I might not want to have them anyways. Babe has been making subtle hint about my weight. I think he is worried because of my recent tear and slipped disk caused by the 3 level disk degration (sp?) thingy. The thing is, the safest exercise for me now is swimming and I have NO IDEA where is the nearest swimming pool at Setia Alam here! Anyone out there have any idea? I dont mind paying each time I use the pool but I really do not want to join any club membership just to use it. Really a waste of money actually.

The next option would be yoga. Saw a banner near the shops today that there is yoga classes available. Run it through the doctor and he thinks it is actually very good but I need to make sure that the instructor are legit and remember to tell him/her about my back problem so that he/she can guide me on the proper exercise to do. Also, he asked me to looked up on Mckenzie Balkeln exercise (gosh, I hope I have the spelling right. The doctor handwriting *shake head*).

Oh yah, guess what he told me too. No amount of calcium or vitamin D will help with the 3 level disk degration as there are no blood vessel that goes to the disk and hence, no nutrient will go to it. And since it is also not a type of bone, calcium wont help either. However, I will continue to take Anlene though to help ensure that my bones are strong. Damn, I have this vision of hunchback when I turn 60 ~>_<~

On the positive note, I went for a job interview today! I know you will wondering didnt I just start a new job? Well, mind you, I didnt actively hunt for job. Just occassionally glance at the vacancies that jobstreet sent me via email if anything interesting pop up.Other than that, I was pretty intense on making this work and excel. After all, I strongly believe that all industries are really small and words will carry if you are good at things.

So, I actually didnt hunt for any vacancies. It hunted for me! Got a call awhile back regarding a position and was told someone recommended my name to this job agency consultant because the person think very highly of my ability (yeahhh dehh!! bloated ego!). Anyway, today was the first interview and (again bloated ego!), the interviewer (COO of the company) got so excited to get me on their payroll that he wanted to call his boss (the MD) to interview me because he is sure if the MD likes me, HQ will agree too.

He actually took roughly 20minutes to try and search for his boss top and down but unfortunately, was not able to find him. So, he decided to call HQ directly to give me on the spot interview! Yar, insane huh? But rationality must have hit him because he realised it would not be a good idea because HQ did not have my resume yet. HAHA! So, we agreed to reschedule it to another evening to meet the MD.

I left the office after that. After all, what else is there for me to do there? But imagine my surprised because less than 10minutes later, as I was driving through the tol, he called me again and said he located his boss and asked if I am driving. (err..yar, of course la). HE actually tried to pursuade the boss that I should be still nearby and want to ask me to come back and meet the MD for an interview. In the end didnt la because I think the MD have something going on and that was around 1pm already. (LUNCH MAR!!)

So, next Monday going back to work. I was teasing babe, next week might be the week I tender my resignation (again). But we will see how it goes. Hhhmmm...never know I am so GOOD!!!!! WAHAHAHAHAHA! HAiyaaaaaaaa, let me feel proud for awhile la okie :P Ok..more calm liaw and humble.....