Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kolo mee, Sarawak Laksa & Tomato mee in KL

Sarawakian are always and I do mean ALWAYS in search of Sarawak food when they are not at their hometown. Food like Sarawak laksa, kolo mee, tomato mee/kueh teow and kueh chap, if anyone is able to make it taste like home, then definitely the place will be swamped with Sarawakian and others that tasted Sarawak unforgettable food.

Anyway, a friend of mine from Sarawak actually open a stall here selling Sarawak Laksa & Kolo kueh teow. Until recently, he was not allowed to sell kolo mee because the owner son is selling wantan mee. Guess the owner didnt want any competition for his precious son. Anyway, the shop recently got renovated and the owner increase the rental (yar, no surprise rite) and tells them they can sell anything they want. My friend of course immediately start to sell kolo mee! After all, kolo mee are usually more popular than kueh teow or beehoon.

So, babe being babe, we went the first weekend that our friend sent us the sms informing he is also selling kolo mee now. And guess what, babe actually ate 2 bowls!! HAHA! And as I always say, good things are meant to be shared. Then the weekend after that, we went again and babe had only 1 bowl this time while stealing my share of tomato mee! Oh yar, for those who dunno what is tomato mee (or kueh teow), err..its hard to explain how it taste like only it is REALLY REALLY REALLY good. Go try if you dont believe me.

Frankly speaking, I dont even know why am I excited about kolo mee. When I was in Kch, I will NEVER eat kolo mee. Never like it at all. But since I came to KL, I even purposely go eat kolo mee when I go back for holidays! SHEESH! The power our hometown have on us :)

Alright, alright, time to share where the good stuff are. The shop is at ss24 or famously known as Taman Megah.



Picture speaks a thousand words yah?


Nimi said...

yep, this is the one shop that sells sarawak food that actually taste right. their tomato mee is good, although we dont have the chance to try their kolo mee and sarawak laksa yet. always finish by the time we were there.

Dav DiDi said...

KL dont have tomato mee ??????

Ching Ching said...

Come back and eat the original kolomee!

Rose said...

I want to go there!! I miss my friend's food! :)

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Nimi,
I will usually sms ahead and reserve before we go there. Usually around 12.30-1pm already finish lor the laksa. The kolo mee around 1-1.30pm finish. Ask them for their hp so can call ahead and book :)

JenJen's Place said...


JenJen's Place said...

Cannot go back all the time mar..

JenJen's Place said...

You will have ur chance when u here next 2 wks!

ahlost said...

Wootz.. sarawak food in KL...

hehehehehe.. My friends overseas also always crave for Kuching food :D

Anonymous said...

i miss tomato mee too.
i used to frequent the stall in the kuching market (forgot which one d) when i was there studying.
gosh... thanks! now i can satisfy my craving!