Friday, August 13, 2010


YAWN! So bored. Babe downloaded UFC from the internet and is watching it on the tv. Never liked watching bloody sport like that. I am actually surfing jobstreet! hahaha! Yar yar, I know, I am a JOBFROG. Hubby also complaining how come I am looking for new job after just 1 year. As usual la, he will have lots of comment la. But seriously, I am not the only one thinking of changing okay.

I mean people that have working at the company since it started was also leaving. Turnover in the company is so high now that the HR hiring person is so busy all the time. Lots of interview and even new hire left after just a month or two and some even just after a few weeks. The worse is when one of our colleague just suddenly dont turn up for work and not contactable at all.

I was asking my colleague today, what is the definition of time management because whenever we cant find time to finish our work (because we are OVERLOADED) and when we explained to our boss we simply couldnt find the time, he will say manage your time or learn to manage your time. So, my question to you all is what is the definition of time managed? Does managing time mean that working till 10pm or 11pm everyday? Or doing work that requires 20 hours in 10hours?

I mean, okay, we have 24 hours in a day but does that mean that I am suppose to send 20 hours of it to finish the work EVERYDAY? If this is just occassionally in order to finished up urgent work or handle crisis, then I can understand. But here, it is almost everyday. And to make matter worse, the list of responsibilities keep piling up. I realised that in this organisation, the more efficient you are, you are not being rewarded in kind. Instead, the boss will make sure to give you more responsibilities because you have idle time now!

When in actual fact, there is not idle time because there are other daily activities on top of the extra projects that we need to complete.

Anyway, time to get out or else I will become the most inefficient person and start to make sil unexplainable mistakes simply because we are rushing for time.


Rose said...

Not easy to arrange your own times, always have something to disrupt your schedule....

Ching Ching said...

that's life, Jen.

we also work from 8 to 8 everyday. Almost cannot recognize my son's face when go home. haha

JenJen's Place said...

HEHE! So the best is still be ur own boss?

JenJen's Place said...

8am-8pm ah? At least still have a little bit of time to rest and eat lunch or go toilet or go take a drink of water right?

For me, I sometimes dont eat lunch till 2 or 3pm. Most time I only go toilet once the entire day. Oh, and not forgeting the only time remember to drink water is during my lunch break..(Guess that is how I got the urine infection)....

If I dont force myself to go back at 7pm, for sure every nite will work till midnite :(