Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hot Wings Hot Wings Hot Wings Hot Wings Hot Wings

I know I should read the agreement/quotation that my boss asked me to verify and confirm but I am so sleepy that when I set my eyes on the thing, my eyelids automatically drop! How? How? Luckily today don’t have the usual group meeting or else I sure will fall asleep like one of my colleague yesterday. Yup, he was sitting behind the boss bah, and I saw his eyelids closed and then when he finally opened his eyes, it was reddish, i.e. the eyes of someone that just wake up suddenly from sleep. Luckily the boss din realized!

And since I am on the mission to reduce the cup of coffee I drink from 1-2cups daily to 1-2cups per week for health reasons, I better find something interesting to do or else I will succumb to either the temptation to doze off or go for my cuppa coffee. I already over limit by 1 cup this week. I wonder if I can survive on 2 cups per week when I am in US next week. Or maybe since I am not in home ground, it does not count and I can have as many cups as I want? You know, similar to the Muslim not compulsory to do their prayers if there are x km away from home. Or did I get that wrong? Hmmm….

Anyway, as I said yesterday, I went home last nite to cook hot wings that I marinated the night before. It didn’t turn out as I hoped it will be, i.e. sourish and spicy. Instead, it was rather sweet although I used lots and lots of vinegar to marinate it! On top of that, the oil that I used to deep fry the chicken was really black after that and the wok, sigh…the wok bottom has a thick layer of blacken sauce on it! I don’t even want to remember how I managed to scrub everything off. My poor skin!

But the chicken wing did turn out rather yummy though. Sweet and sticky on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside. But I think in the future, if I marinate it this way again, I will bake them instead of deep fried. Much healthier and CLEANER kitchen! I am still wondering how in the world did Hartz make the deep fried hot wings. What did I add wrong or not add in? I know vinegar and chilli is one of the key ingredient. Maybe it was not chilli sauce but chilli powder, and hence the red color! Eureka! I think that was it! Chilli powder, corn flour, salt, pepper and white vinegar! Going to wait till we move into our new apartment before I try anything again. OBG giving me black face still!

Anyway, back to last night dinner. OBG’s hubby sms babe to let us know that they are not cooking and not eating at home last night. I was rather glad because that mean that I will have the kitchen to myself without someone hovering behind me and checking everything after I finished cooking. It would mean that I don’t have to sit at the dining table to eat dinner and can eat alone alone with babe. So, got back from work, cooked rice over slow fire, deep fry the chicken wings, fry the lettuce and steam egg soup. Simple but satisfying meal. We finished everything! Well, actually got abit of leftover lar and I bring with me for lunch today. So, pictures to share:
The chicken wing

Steam egg soup

Stir-Fry lettuce


Dav DiDi said...

wahhhh ... so much!!!!!!

Jen's Place said...

yar yar! I wana finish the food there before move to new place! haha

Colin Kueh said...

the hot wings look nice...Wonder if i got the chance to eat the wings :P

Jen's Place said...

Hi Colin,
Errmm..ask ur gf to use the recipe and go make for u!!! BLUEK!!!!!

Rose said...

I miss your hot wing, Jen!!

Billy's Mom said...

Jen, can you give me the steam egg soup recipe, please? Thank you. :-)