Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Short Talk: YAWN and FLY FLY FLY!

ARGGHHH!!! I am so sleepy! YAWNNN! I thought I would have gotten used to the life here, i.e. sleep late at night and wake up early. I usually would sleep around midnight and wake up at 6.30am. Late nights due to household chores, watch internet tv and catching up with babe. Woke up 6.30am because need to leave the house at 7.30am to fight the jam that is forever going on the LDP. I will be glad when we move to the new apartment which is just 10-15minutes drive from my work place. But I still have to wake up at 6.30am because when I told babe that I plan to wake up at 8am since I only need to leave for work at 8.40am, he complaint like crazy!

He asked who will make him breakfast and say bye-bye to him when he goes off to work. Then he gave me the most pitiful excuse that if he don’t have breakfast, the drive to work so long, on the bike some more, later fainted half way, how? Jiak Lak or not?! So, since he put it that way, I meekly gave in to him and say no more lor. Secretly, in my heart, I thinking this will be my ammunition to shoot him back when I come back in the evening from work and during weekend to get him to help with the household chores.

Actually, I did shoot him once lar when he said that the alternate Saturdays when he is not working is his day of rest and that he don’t have every Saturday off like me. So, I shoot back lor and say weekends are also supposed to be my days of rest. How come I have to do most of the household chores? I guess that must have hit him pretty strongly because a few times, he actually started to help me with the household chores without me asking. So, now, he put the laundry into the machine and I hang them to dry. He will accompany outside when I am hanging the clothes and slowly help as well. Slowly but surely! Hahaha…

Well, at least there is one advantage of waking up early with more than an hour to spare. After babe goes off to work, I plan to go to the pool for a swim as often as possible. It is either that, or I go back to sleep, or prepare the food that I want to cook for dinner! So, I think I choose the first option. More fun for me! Haha! I wonder if the water is going to be cold (Brrr! The apartment no water heater yet!). Good thing I remember to bring my swimsuit and googles from Kuching.

WAHH! Am I daydreaming again? I think my posting this few days turning into daydream post.

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