Sunday, June 8, 2008

Authentic Sarawak Kolo Mee, Laksa, Tomato Kueh Teow

There seems to be less cars on the road this weekend. I guess everyone is trying to make their last tank of 'cheap' fuel last as long as possible. Well, it is all jolly good for babe & I , the less cars there are on the road, the better. Anyway, today woke babe up at 9.30am, well, tried to wake up the big panda lar but he only finally wake up at 10.15am and when we finally leave the house, it as already 11am. And I thought gals take long time to get ready to go out! hhmppf!

By then, I was already starting to think of what to tell the house agent the reason we are late. We are suppose to meet at the agent at 12noon but before that, babe promised me that we will go to our friend stall at Restaurant Megah Goodluck at SS24 (behind Fat Crab, near to Ming Tien). The friend is also from Sarawak but he moved to KL few years back and started a stall selling Sarawak Laksa, Kolo kueh teow/ beehoon, tomato kueh teow/beehoon/crispy noodle and lo bak noodle. As I said in my short talk previously, the Laksa is actually pretty good. Not saying this because he is my friend but it really does taste like authentic Sarawak Laksa.

So, for brunch, babe tried the tomato kueh teow and trust me, it really does taste like the one in Kuching too. The price is RM4.50 for normal and RM5 for large. I understand from my friends that KL people cannot comprehend eating tomato with kueh teow or noodles. The idea of mixing tomato sauce with kueh teow or noodle just sound weird to them. But to us, it is just a normal daily thing to us, just like the sun shining in the sky everyday. The price is RM4.50 for normal and RM5 for large.We tapau the kolo kueh teow for teabreak (oh yah, so kiasu! haha).

I really wish the taukeh of the shop allow my friend to do kolo mee. Kinda silly not to allow my friend to do any noodle dishes just because his own son has a stall selling wantan mee. I mean, I am pretty sure that the moment people catch wind of the fact that there is authentic kolo mee at the stall, not only Sarawakian will go there but anyone that have tasted Sarawak kolo mee in their life before will go there too! Then, doesn't that mean more business for the taukeh? I think his shop will be so full that he need to hire more helpers!

But alas, I guess blood is thicker than money? So, only kolo kueh teow and beehoon but let me tell you, it looks, smell and taste FANTASTIC (DROOL!) I actually finished the WHOLE packet of the kueh teow without giving babe any chance to 'steal' off my bowl! Even babe is surprised I finished the whole thing because usually I will leave at least one third for him (yar yar, that is how he gain so much weight in the last one half months, LOL).

Now as I am typing this, babe is bragging to his Kuching friends here that he tasted the best-est most authentic kolo kueh teow, tomato kueh teow and Sarawak laksa in KL. We are planning to go there again next weekend, bringing our friends there. I want to try the crispy noodle and lo bak noodle. Aiyeh, both nice, which one to choose? I know, I have the crispy noodle and babe eat the lo bak noodle, then I taste some! I will try to remember to take picture next week. This week was too hungry to remember taking pic until we are almost done!

Oh yah, we arrived and start eating at 11.20am, finished eating at 11.40am and reached Sri Damansara at 12noon. We are thinking very seriously about one of the apartment we view today. Most likely going to take it and move in next month after I am back from my trip to US. Wish us luck!


Rose said...

yum yum! wish i can taste our friend's cooking when i was over there last week!! never mind, there is always next time. :)

Jen's Place said...

hahaha yar time! Good meeting point...

Cecil said...

Hi Jen,
Maybe u should try out d sarawak kolomee at one coffeeshop in SS2/1, name of restaurant is Restoran Arlison..i'd say its the best and most original one in town!