Thursday, June 5, 2008

End of the World

It was really a crazy day yesterday. I left office with Rose at around 6.35pm yesterday. The plan was to go back to my house, pick up babe and then go to the hotel to pick Big J to go dinner together on their last night in KL. Usually, the most this will take is an hour. Instead, the whole ORDEAL took more than 3 hours. By the time we actually sat down for our dinner, it was already 10pm-ish! Even now I am wondering if I just had a nightmare instead of really going through that stupid jam. The jam was so bad that at one point, I can actually put my car in neutral and pull my handbrake and park! Non-moving traffic for at least 10min more than once.

At first Rose and I was really puzzled and wondering what is going on. Although some jam is expected because it was raining rather heavily around 5pm yesterday but by the time we left, the rain has eased off to tiny drizzle. This usually means the end of bad traffic jam and a good sign to leave for home. Instead, we discovered that the main reason was because some people got it into their thick thick head that they MUST fill up their car before the price hike of RM0.78/litre today! As if that would make much difference with all the huge jam this people are causing.

Initially, I have enough petrol to last me for another day. But after more than three hours plus jam, I have no choice but to join the queue to fill up or risk being stucked in the middle of the highway. Thank god the petrol station near where I am staying was not so congested and thanks to initiatives of the pump attendants, the line was moving rather fast. Of course, there are a few inconsiderate drivers that took their sweet time to get out of the way once they have finished filling up. One guy even leave his car at the pump and attempt to go to the kiosk to buy something! Luckily he came to his senses or else Big J would have given him a piece of his mind!

Even babe was complaining that he can’t find a petrol station to fill up his bike. Every petrol station he tried either have super long queue or the petrol station has dried up. Imagine that, dried up! Secretly, I do not believe that. I think they are pretending to dry up so that they can sell at a higher price at the stroke of midnight to get higher profit margin. It seems that there is jam everywhere in Malaysia yesterday even back at my hometown. Babe’s sis sms me and say that the jam is all the way form Choice Premier Supermarket to the BDC roundabout! That is really crazy because in Kuching, jam at those places and that long is not common at all.

Big J commented that all this jam and people rushing to petrol stations reminds him of a scene from Armageddon where everyone was trying to get out of the city to run for their lives. Yesterday, instead of people running away, it seems that people are rushing to join the jam and crowd! To be frank, I cannot really understand why people are doing this. After all, how much can one save this way? If you ask me, I think we are wasting more fuel when the jam is created than saving it! Just imagine, I had enough for another day drive to work and back before I need to fill up become I MUST fill up or else the car will stop! I think the world must be laughing at our stupidity!~