Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Friends are Forever! So is GOOD food!

I don’t know if this is a blessing or a curse! I cannot even finish McD Big Mac (medium) value meal set for lunch! I can’t believe it. In fact, after the first few munch, I totally had to force myself to finish the rest of the food (don’t want to waste bah!) and trust me, it is not enjoyable at all! I used to be able to gobble up the large value meal set at McD without much problem at all. I mean, I will feel very stuffed after that but I get great satisfaction from stuffing myself silly.

I was telling RK, SK and Didi that I seem not to have much appetite since I moved to KL. RK of course teased and said that it is because I miss them too much to eat or am simply homesick? Well, some parts, I guess might be true that I miss our lunch date, full of laughter and easy to just simply be myself. The colleagues here are fine but it is not so easy to find people that you can actually click with. I mean, when I go out lunch with the gals (as we call each other), I know that I can just relax and be myself. I know that if I am not in the mood to talk, I can just sit there and listen others talk.

But with new colleagues, sometimes lunch time can be a chore. I am not sure I know how to explain this. It is not because they are not nice. In fact, sometimes I feel that they are trying too hard to be nice to the extend that I feel uncomfortable if I don’t reciprocate in kind. Other times, they will talk in Cantonese which I am still lost sometimes since Kuching people rarely converse in Cantonese. I can understand 70% of the time but it is very hard for me to join in the conversation that I am not able to understand! So, rather than sit there like a dungu (idiot), I sometimes prefer my own company lor!

I guess I will slowly adapt (this is for friends that are starting to get worried reading the above!). I am making friends, slowly but surely. There are 8 girls in this place of 40+ staff. Yup, the rest are guys are all are engineers, some young and some not so young. Some married and others are not. So, we girls need to stick together? The girls here are nice but I can see that there are basically three groups, (1) the young and hip, (2) the not so young but modern and (3) the normal girls (the group that I am in).

So, this group of normal girls now consist of 3 of us, age is 30, 31 and 33. There are actually 2 more girls newer than me (one just joined yesterday) and they are 28 and 29. So, if all 5 of us go out together, we will be between the age of 28-32, like playing do-re-mi. We went out lunch two days ago. Initial plan was some Chinese food but the shop was closed for the week for renovation. So, we went to a shop selling authentic Penang food. I have to admit, it was fun. We talked freely and tease each other. I feel almost like back to the old times when I was in Kuching with my gals!

OK, enough sob story for now. So, let’s go back to the topic, i.e. FOOD!! I have already marinated some chicken wings last night and plan to deep fry them tonight to try and make hot wings! For those of you that frequent Hartz, you will know exactly what I am talking about. It is those hard-to-grab chicken wings that taste slightly spicy and sourish that it makes my saliva drool in my mouth just thinking about it. I am not so sure what the recipe is but since babe and I both craving for hot wings, I thought I might as well experiment.

I cut the chicken wing into three parts, i.e. cutting them at the joints. I marinate them with chilli sauce (for the spicy taste), a little tomato sauce (for the sweet & sour taste), black & white vinegar (because I don’t know use white or black, so use BOTH! LOL), pepper and salt for taste. I am marinating the wings overnight and will deep fried them later after work. Hopefully I remember to take pictures and post them here tomorrow! If I forget, I will update you all whether the experiment works. Either way, babe is going to be the guinea pig, taster! Nice or not nice, he also needs to finish them.

Anyway, I am sharing some pictures from RK. She made roasted bacon chicken, recipe she grabbed from one of the blog! She damn kiasu and taken so many pictures and email to me! So, I hardworking and post her work-of-art for her in my blog.....(SK, keng or not????)


Nick Phillips said...

Not another blog with pictures of food. I am so hungry right now and pictures of food don't really help much! LOL!

Jen's Place said...

Hehehe! WELLLL, good way to go on diet by looking at pictures of food, right? Can see but CANNOT touch/taste! Good right?? hahaha

More blog with pictures of food coming!

Rose said...

Dont worry, you will get used to your lunch friends!!! And I know you miss us and the Kuching food too! :) good luck with your has been long since i cook. I dont remember when was the last time

Jen's Place said...

Yah I know. As usual, I wish I can fastforward the time to when I am used to my lunch friends! I hope to cook more when we move to the new apt. U know lar, tat big panda babe want to eat homecook meals as often as possible!

Ching Ching said...

eee... the apperance of the food looked very... very.... xxx...

Jen's Place said...

wats is XXX??????