Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Feeding Frenzy

Balitong, creamy cheese crab, spicy crab, spicy lala, grill chicken fish, oyster omelette, Italian pizza, Italian salmon pasta, Italian Bolognese, green pepper chicken, sashimi, unagi sushi, squid balls, prawn balls, 4 large watermelon juice, 1 large green apple juice, 1 large lime juice and 3 Heineken beer. That was the list of dishes that we ordered last night at SS15. Yup, we actually went back there again last night in Big J’s quest to taste ALL the food from all the stalls there. We were foolish enough to let Big J with his growling stomach to roam and order the dishes that caught his eyes. I think when the food starts to arrive; the tables around us were all in shock and staring. Imagine, 10-15 dishes just for 5 person which consist of 2 guys and 3 gals!

I am seriously wondering what the people around us must be thinking. I know what I would think if I saw something like that. Either the 5 person have been starving for a very long time or they are crazy! Oh, maybe they are from deep in the mountains and never seen so much food. And so, ordered and ordered and ordered. HAHA! I am not joking, the table was so full that even Rose was having problem fitting all the food into the camera. Hei, Rose, don’t forget to post all those pictures so that this people know I am not bluffing! Bluek!!!

Anyway, we had great fun. It has been a long time since I go out with my friends just to chit chat, relax and laugh. Not doing much other than catching up, gossiping, teasing each other and laughing. By the time we finally go back, it was only 10.30pm when we leave the place by the way. So early but our Kuchingnites are tired. So, TC whisk us all back to the hotel where babe and I left our car. I don’t know about the other 3 but babe and I were so full that we were having difficulty to inhale air. I couldn’t stop laughing when babe groaned loudly when he tried to put on the brake lock in the car. He complained that he can’t bend! So funny!!! We all made a pact NOT to go there again tonight no matter how tempted Big J is.

So, this morning, Rose and TC is again on the quest to invade the mall and shop till they drop. I guess they will be visiting another old friend of ours who have a laksa stall at Taman Megah. So tempted to play hooky and call in sick today so that I can join them. But alas, I am not so brave and like what Petro, Ika and Serena said in the mix.fm, what if your boss caught you having fun when you call in sick! GASP! KL is not that big you now! So, nope, won’t want to take the risk. Anyway, I am never very good at lying or hiding my emotions. So, here I am, in the office, finishing up my ISO document flows that the team will review after lunch today and typing my post of the day! I don’t call this goofing off ok! I call it taking a short break from stress. Hehehe..

I will be so glad when my ex-colleagues are back to work tomorrow. Miss having someone to chat with on the net whenever I feel like it. RK will only be back next week though. So, my skype is for official matters only for the time being. But on the high note, SK will be coming to KL next Wednesday for 2 days training on Thursday and Friday. I am still waiting for my boss to give the go ahead to attend the same training. SK was planning to stay back for the weekend. So, I am looking forward to that too. And another high note, I am going to US end of month for our quarterly meeting at HQ. Need to go pay at Alliance, apply for visa and arrange for interview at the embassy.

I know, I don’t sound very excited. Not yet bah. Wait till it is nearer to the the time to fly, then I will be jumping up and down in my blog! Hhmm.. I wonder if I can find a digital camera to borrow. Can’t ask dad to send his all the way for me to use right? The handphone camera might be good for normal blogging on food but I don’t think it will do justice if I use my handphone to take picture of the scene in US. I wonder if the company will allow me cash advance especially with everything more than triple the price there. Imagine changing RM2000 will get you around $550 only! But I might not need the cash since will be going with a few guys more senior than me. Plus it is meeting at the HQ, so most likely meals are arranged. Just need money to buy personal stuff and souvenirs.

This weekend will be going to meet up with an agent to view an apartment at Sri Damansara. This is the apartment that babe and I really like but the price of the previous one was abit over our budget. But this time, it might be the one. The price is right and the location is where we want it to be. So, just need to go and view the place to make sure that nothing fishy with it. And babe also wants to try out the road to NKVE from there. Just to make sure that it is convenient for him to go to that highway to go to work daily. If not, we might have to consider a place in Kota Damansara. Similar price but the apartment is not as nice. So, wish us luck! (SK, who knows, when you are here in Sept, you can actually stay at my place because it is convenient to go IKEA? Hehehe!)


Billy's Mom said...

Wah!!! That's a long long list of yummy food....hehe!. You all habis kah semua? Sound like you guys were having lots of fun!

Jen!!! Where is your HQ located?

Jen's Place said...

Hi Billy's mom,
Tak habis! Pizza and crab take away! And the bolognese only finished half. Yup, it was alot of fun!

The HQ at Santa Clara...ermm...wer is that? I need to check the map first.

Billy's Mom said...

Santa Clara is in California! Unfortunately St.Clara is so far away from us, kalau dekat sikit boleh juga jumpa Jen.
Bah, you have a nice trip yah.

Jen's Place said...

Billy's mom,
Ooo, thanks for the info. Have not go online to check it out yet. Belum ada masa.
Yah, too bad jauh if not boleh jumpa! Then I bring souvenier from Malaysia for you. Things/ Food that you miss from Malaysia! hehe