Monday, June 16, 2008

Missing In Action (MIA)?

Oh dear, can’t believe that my last posting was so long ago. I think this was the longest I go without posting anything eventhough I have access to the internet and laptop. I was attending training on Thursday and Friday as well as busy catching up with SK, my ex-colleague and good friend that is attending the same training as me. How did we managed to somehow attend the same training at the same time? Well, sufficient to say that there are ABSOLUTELY NO conspiracy going on! We are just doing what we think that is best able to ADD value to our job by attending the training. And if that happens to come with perks such two good friends meeting up, then even better, right? Hahaha!


So, SK arrived late Wednesday evening, around 10.30pm. She was supposed to arrived at the hotel by 10pm but her MAS (yup, MAS!) was delayed for about half hour due to bad weather condition (but SK say no rain ler!). SK was hungry since she only had Maggie at 3pm and the really disappointing MAS meal box, babe & I pick her up at the hotel and we went to Bangsar in search of food. Was abit surprised by the sight there because Bangsar used to be a happening place even on weekdays. Instead, we see a few restaurants and mamak open only. Even SK was surprised by this. Apparently, the new mosque nearby was complaining about the noisiness (immoral??) of the pubs at Bangsar! So, most pubs moved or closed down due to the pressure I guess.

In the end, we decided to try the nasi kandar mamak stall. Babe & I was still full from our Shillin Snack House dinner, so decided to have roti naan kosong with condense milk. SK ate Maggie ayam goreng. Both dishes were not spectacular and nothing to boast about. I think SK took pic of the roti naan. I as usual, didn’t bother lar! (Wait till I get my new digital camera that babe & I been eyeing to get before my trip to US in two weeks time! Then I will post so many pic that you will beg me to stop! LOL!). After dinner, babe drop SK and me at the hotel and drove himself back. YUP! I am going to spend 2 nights with SK at the hotel since it is walking distance to the hotel we will be having our 2 days training.

SK and I were so excited to meet each other after more than four months that we talk non-stop the moment she got into the car! And we actually continue talking in the hotel room, in our beds until 2am in the morning (and we had to wake up at 7am to go class!). I can tell you, by the next night, we were so tired that after we watch some tv, we both promptly fall asleep without saying much around 12 midnight. I think it was because we both didn’t get enough sleep the night before, good food (or shall I say too much food!) and the few hours walk at the mall.

Friday went pretty much the same except that night babe came and pick us up and we went to have our dinner at SS15 (yup, again!). SK didn’t eat much though. I think she was not used to having her dinner at 9pm! But having said that, I think we were pretty good eater! Let me see what we have, pizza Bavaria (small), oyster omelette (medium), fried mushroom (small), salmon, cheese crab and fried bread, pasta, 2 large water melon juice, 1 large green apple juice and 1 medium sugar cane (SK had 1 large watermelon juice and 1 medium sugarcane! I think she was so filled with water when we leave that she can hardly walk!) We drove SK back to the hotel around 11pm and I went home with babe.

Saturday, picked SK up from hotel at 9am-ish so that we can arrived at Ikea by 10am since we want to save as much time as possible. SK going back on Saturday night. So, she need to be back at the hotel by 6.30pm to catch the cab to KLIA. We estimated about 45min to reach Ikea but instead, we arrived there around 9.30am! So, since Ikea not open yet, we went to the cafeteria at Ikea for breakfast. Was hoping for the meatball and the others was thinking of having the chicken chop. But no such luck. The cafeteria only serve pastries and fried noodles for breakfast but the fried noodles was rather cheap, RM0.99 per plate, plus tax RM1.03. And of course, we need to have our coffee with free refill. I think I had 3 cups of cappuccino that morning! LOL! Babe said I will start to act stupid if I have anymore. So I stopped. Or else I could have had more!

After we finished making our rounds at Ikea, we went to the cafeteria again for our lunch. SK had the herb chicken leg which was not bad. Babe ate poached salmon which I thought was tasteless. And I ate the special of the day, BBQ chicken leg with corn on cob, which I is the tastiest of the three dishes. I drank another 2 cups of cappuccino. Babe and SK took softdrink. (Nope, I didn’t become stupid from coffee overdose! In fact, I sleep rather happily that night! Haha)

Then, we went to 1U after that to hunt for watch for SK’s hubby and some hard-to-find Chinese magazine for her mom. In the end, we couldn’t find both item but instead I think SK bought two singlets and we had our teabreak at Shillin Snack House. SK was surprised by the size of the XXL crispy chicken but not very impressed with the oyster meesua because the oyster was too fish/raw for her. I guess it was because she don’t really eat raw food unless it is salmon! After a few more walks, we finally drove SK back to the hotel at 5pm to catch her taxi. Poor gal was limping by then and I think she was glad to just sit down and not walk anymore!

Babe and I went home of course after that. Didn’t even contemplate going anywhere else! All we want to do is go home and laze around in bed. Watch internet tv in the room and do absolutely nothing. Actually, we were very excited about going to meet up with the landlady & hubby and agent the next day at noon to finalized the renting of the place that we wanted. We also wanted to have a one-time overview of the apartment again to make sure that it is all in working order and that there are no leaking.

Babe actually saw some dark patches in the bathroom the last time we visit. We just want to make sure that those are not caused by leaking from the above bathroom. Actually, it was because of leaking from above bathroom. But I told babe that since the both bathroom are dry despite the stain and that there are someone staying above us, the situation must be not too serious. And we both do love the area due to the peacefulness and low density. So, we signed and handover the one month advance as booking fee. Will be meeting up with them again this Saturday to sign the tenancy agreement and pay the rest. After which, the landlady will handover the key to us!

We are very excited because it will be the first place that babe and I will be renting together. We are already fantasizing on the a) must get immediately list, b) next need to get list and c) good to have list. In fact, on Sunday, after meeting at the apartment, we immediately drove around to look for Carrefour, Jusco and any other hypermarket to hunt for affordable fridge and washing machine. We found the washing machine that we can afford which should be durable since it has five years warranty on the motor but we are still hunting for a good size fridge at the price we can afford. Seems that all two-door fridges are more than RM900! Sigh!

Everything going up in price. So, with additional responsibility of paying rent, must make sure save where possible. Not trying to be stingy but I think better to put some aside for rainy days than struggling to make ends meet later. I am telling babe that we should consider visiting garage sales for bargains! But he seems reluctant. I guess I will try to convince him again this weekend to at least visit one garage sale just to see if it is worth going to others. I won’t mind getting stuff such as electrical goods and furniture at a bargain as long as it is value for money.

So, that was what I did during the last few days without posting. Today back to work and there are plenty of work waiting for me to follow up and complete. On top of that, my boss from US is here and is expecting a presentation on Wednesday. So, I already sms to babe to tell him that either I will OT in the office or I will bring work home today. So, he must make sure that he cannot bug me! Hhmppf! Haha.

Oh yah, RK, we didn’t bring SK to look around at our new place because not enough time. So, she didn’t have pictures to show you. I will make sure that I remember to take before and after pic and share to you and the rest. Then you can tell me what you think! And I finally received my passport back. Got my US visa. Will be leaving on the 30 Jun and only arrived back here again on the 4 Jul. 5 days with 2 day minimum on the plane. Actually will only be US soil on 30 Jun and back to airport again on 2 Jul because 3 Jul 1am something flight and lost somet time and will only be back in KL on 4 Jul afternoon. Will transit for a few hours in Taipei, Taiwan each way. So, need to find ways to kill time. I guess as long as there is internet, I will be ok. But on the plane how ler? I bought a couple books from PayLessBook at 1U branch. I hope the in-flight movie is interesting!

ALAMAK! OK! Enough for now! I can see some eyes getting smaller while reading this! HAHA!

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