Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lunch Delivery: Green Bento

Just some pictures that RK, JY and myself had for lunch some time back when I was still in Kuching. This is one of the few lunch delivery service that is available in Kuching. I am not sure why there is not more of such services in Kuching but perhaps it is more convenient for those in the office to go eat at the nearby cafe and coffeeshop than ordering lunch boxes. Apparently, in PJ and KL area (or anywhere with lots of offices), lunchbox delivery is pretty common and there is nothing fancy about them. It is just the normal average chap fan (economy fastfood).

Abyway, the one in Kuching have a blog and call themselves Green Bento and nope, they are not paying me to post this. I am just sharing with all what I think of them and the food they serve. This was not the first time that we had tried ordering from Green Bento, it is the second time. The first time we tried was because it was something totally new in Kuching and out of curiosity, a few of us colleagues tried them. Frankly speaking, I am not sure why we ordered the second time because it was nothing to brag about.

Yes, the food did come in a rather special recyclable lunchbox but those are totally meaningless to us except that it add up to the cost that is charge back to us (Yah, ok, I admit, we are not environmentalist! So what! Need to feed hungry tummy first ok!). The content of the food that was delivered to us the first time was not the same as the one listed in the blog! One of the packed food stated it has eggs but when it came, none was there. For a egg-lover like me, totally unacceptable and disappointing! The taste was too bland and dry.

But I have to admit, they do have excellent customer service and after sales follow up system. In fact, they gave us one of the lunchbox for free because the food was all jumbled up, looking really yucky actually. Delivery man overturned the lunchbox when he was driving the delivery to us and he immediately told us when he handover the food to us. So, that is a point up. Secondly, someone from Green Bento called a few hours later to ask for feedback and comments (which we did! Of course lar! Need to do our civic duty mar!)

Anyway, the second time we ordered from Green Bento was in hope that they have actually improved their food from all the feedback and comments! So, this is what we ordered:

Potato Salad
(Super disappointed with the portion. Even a small kid wont be full eating this)

Ceaser Salad with Chicken
(This is actually not bad except for the boiled ugly egg!)

Roasted Chicken Wing
(The best and cheapest of the three! Worth ordering again if they improve their other dishes)

Pictures courtesy from RK!


Nick Phillips said...

Picture one - looks good but yes, that is indeed mighty small portions.

Picture two - The salad looks good but what's with the egg? Don't they know how to boil eggs?

Picture three - you're right, that looks like the best of the three :D Now, I'm hungry and feel like some chicken wings for dinner tonight.

Happy Sunday Jen!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
HAHAHA! Chicken wing was damn cheap, RM1.50 each. So 4 for RM6. DROOL! Cant wait till I am back from my business trip and actually live in our own place ^_^. One of the first thing that I will get, toaster oven to make bacon wrapped chicken drumstick *DROOL DROOL*

Happy Sunday Nick!

Green bento said...

Thank you for your feedback Jen-Jen, the "ugly egg" is actually a shaped-poached egg. It's "mid-boiled" outside of the shell with a little bit of olive oil so it separates from the mould, actually quite a lot of work to get it that way! :P Actually, we've stopped poaching eggs as it takes a lot of time to prepare and everyone says it's ugly (hehe).

I will address the issue of the inadequate portion for the side dishes.

Thank you again!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Green Bento,
WOW! Super high rating from me for customer service! I am very impressed. To be frank, you have improved alot since the first-time we ordered lunch from you. But frankly speaking, I still think no need such expensive lunchbox. Maybe just use those transparent plastic ones?

Billy's Mom said...

All looks yummy except for the ugly egg. :-)
Have a nice week, Jen.

Jen's Place said...

Hi Billy's mom,
HAHAHA! Seems that we all agree the egg = ugly but according to them, it is purposely made using mold....
It is a wasted effort if u ask me :P