Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Shopping List

I wonder when the wind whirl will stop spinning and let me settle down properly! I feel as if I am in the tornado spinning round and round without a moment to slow down and breath. It felt as all things that I always wanted, i.e. challenging job, change of environment, independence, commitment, marriage, travel and so on are all happening at once. So much so that I am actually starting to wonder all the good things come now, when will the bad ones be here and will it come at once too? Yar, I am a pessimist when it comes to good lucks since I always believe that there is always balance in life and counter effects. Oh well, maybe I shouldn’t dwell on it too much and take it as its face value and as it comes along!

Am I confusing you guys? Actually I am feeling rather embarrassed at the moment because yesterday was the first time since I start work that I had to ask my parents for a loan. Ever since I start working more than 8-9 years ago, I always make sure that I never had to ask for money from my parents. And so far, I had managed to do so. But with expenses when I moved myself here, settling down, paying deposit for the place we are renting, paying the car insurance and roadtax as well as the business trip to US, I think I am almost drowning in the sea of bills!

Of course the business trip is claimable and we will be getting the RM625 rebate. And the money for the deposit will be refunded when we finished the contract and decide not to renew it. But all those will only happen in due time and most of the bills are due NOW. Of course, babe shares the expenses but the keyword here is share and I am finding it getting harder and harder to keep my end of the bargain. Sigh~ So as last resort, going back to my parents with my tail between my legs and asking for help. My parents of course do not mind helping us out. In fact, mom been asking for more than a week if I have enough money for the trip to US as well as deposit for the apartment we want to rent.

So, I guess I am happy with how things are turning out. But at the same time, I am also depressed and upset about it. The fuel price hike is creating havoc to my budgeting that I done before I decided to accept the job and move here. I only hope that when the company confirms me next month, they will give me a big fat increment to counter the crazy inflation that is going on now. I am only glad that at least I have babe with me to go thru this. And that we are still very much in love although we have been dating for more than eight years!

It is actually kind of scary to see the inflation rate after the fuel hike. I went to Jusco yesterday after work with the intention to buy vegetable to cook for dinner. And thought that since I am there, might as well buy some eggs and other groceries too. The first thing I noticed was the price of eggs. Previously, you can still find 10eggs for RM3.20 but yesterday, there was not a single one with priced less than RM3.50. Then when I went to the vegetable section, Jusco use to have this cheap non-organic vegetables for RM0.60 per bunch. Yesterday was RM1 per bunch. Rice that was selling for RM37 two month back is selling for RM50 per 10kg bag! I dare not look at the price of other stuff after that.

This just confirmed that we need to write out the shopping list and go shopping twice per month only. And must remember to stick to the list, well, at least 90% of the items bought is from the list lar. Must allow oneself some luxury and pampering also right? Or else what is the point of all the stress and getting scolded by customers? So, I think I will put down the list of things that I will be needing for the apartment in three categories, a) must have immediately, b) buy in next few month, c) good to have when can afford. And the list are:

Must Have Immediately
Two door fridge – saw one Samsung RM999, still thinking.
Automatic washing machine – Saw one Samsung 7kg for RM699. Pretty sure will be getting this.
Iron & Ironing Board - planning to get Phillip dry & steam iron RM129
Electric Kettle – planning to get those around RM30-50 should be good enough
Things to clean and mop apartment
Folded table for kitchen – temporary solution till we get proper ones! Babe say no need proper one. Just use this but I think I will insist get the proper one for kitchen eventually lor.
Ikea wooden rack for kitchen – RM125. Don't care. MUST GET!
Cleaver, knives, chopper – need to go to hardware store and find good knives.
Wok and cooking utensils – this one also go hardware stores. I think I saw one near the wet market where I bought pork last week.
Plastic Chairs – temporary solution till we get proper ones!
Cooking gas – this will be expensive since need to pay for the tong too (sigh)

Buy in next few months
Mirror for bedroom and bathroom – thinking of the 4 pc mirror that Ikea selling for RM19.90.
Rack for bedroom and bathroom – thinking of getting those DIY mount on the wall type from Ikea
Vacuum Cleaner – not yet survey. Don’t know the price is like
Dining Set – Saw one nice table at Ikea but babe say not nice.
Sofa set – still looking. Maybe at a garage sale?
TV – saw a Samsung set 29’ selling for RM799
Microwave – must have microwave, convention and combination function.
Astro - RM199. Should be ok but for now, since have internet tv, this can wait
Phillip intelligent rice cooker – babe want this lar but so expensive. RM229! For now we will use fire and pot to cook rice.

Good to have when afford
Kitchen table – this is I want lar but not necessary to have lor.
Dreamland mattress - babe wanted this lar! Don’t ask me why. I also not sure.
Bedroom set – still debating with babe. He say got mattress enough liaw but I prefer sleeping on proper bed!
Blender – in case want to make sambal bah! Don’t want to pound till I faint using those traditional stone type lar
Cake Mixer – maybe wont buy lor. Wait for mom to bring when she comes here. She say have a new one at home, free gift! haha
Oven – of course lar must get or else how am I going to make my baking? Saw decent ones below RM300. So wait first lar.
Toaster Oven – this is dual purpose, can use to toast bread OR cook something simple. Price below RM100

GOSH! Didn’t realized that the list of things that must get immediately is so long already! Luckily our parents forced us to bring a lot of stuff from Kuching when I was shipping my car here that time. So, I already have plates, eating utensil, corningware, steamer and a few other items. I wonder if I can get my mom to send us the extra curtains since there is always someone coming over to KL. Then can save up from having to buy curtains for the living room and bedroom! Pretty expensive you know. Cheapest also RM60 for two piece which is just enough for either living room or bedroom window. Anything else that I missed?


Nick Phillips said...

You're right about everything going up. just this afternoon, I went to buy some pau's and it has gone up by 30 cents! And worse yet, the guy selling the pau told me that by August the price of cooking gas will go up an additional RM9.00! Looks like I'm going to have to cut wood and cook behind my house soon la ... sigghhhh ...

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
Cooking gas go up by RM9!!!! OMG! Even cooking and eating at home is expensive then. Petrol go up, electricity go up, gas go up, what more? Die like this. I think we need evolution to teach us how to eat stone and grass since they are free (for now anyway)!

Rose said...

everything is mark up now! I am getting mad here too! I havent started my shopping list but the money we allocate initially would not be sufficient! Grr, told hubby to start stock up now a bit by bit so we wouldnt feel the hole in the pocket when we actually buying all of the items in the future! sigh!!! Loan from parent is always better than from "alung" or banks! hehehe

Jen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
Do get worried (very worried) sometimes when thinking of how high all the prices will be but I guess just need to be more discipline and think many times before buying anything.
Yar, loan from parents is much better than loanshark or banks!At least no need interest and no fixed repayment period :P